donderdag 26 december 2013

Episode #039 - Starion

This week we have Red Laser's Starion in the mix, combining all kinds of wave/italo/techno/electro into one hell of a badass electronic mix. Top futuristic action from Manchester, UK. Enjoy!!!

Starion on Soundcloud
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woensdag 18 december 2013

Episode #038 - Akirahawks

Straight from the depths of the Lab.oratory. It's Akirahawks in the mix!

Akirahawks is a regular DJ in the Berlin scene. He's played practically every hotspot in the city, spreading thick sheets of intergalactic space funk over crowds in places like Tresor, the Panoramabar and the gritty rooms of About Blank. Most people outside of the German city don't know about him, as he likes to operate in the proper territories of the underground, but the real insiders know what this man is all about!
What people also don't know is that he is the man behind the brilliant House Mannequin imprint. Though it's catalog doesn't expand as fast as most labels do, it does have an excellent quality to it that is rare to find these days and although his releases are very limited, the label has enjoyed major support from true legends like Theo Parrish and Eric Duncan. It's releases are known for it's raw house and deep soulful disco sounds and are definetly reflective of Akira's taste and the kind of records he selects when he is playing out.

This deathmetaldiscomix is a perfect example of an Akirahawks set. With his eclectic taste and knowledge, you'll never know what he's up to next and we absolutely advise you to check him out once your visiting Berlin. He mostly plays party's with unannounced line-ups, but ask a few locals and they will probably know where he'll be spinning his amazing tunes over the weekend.
For now, enjoy this amazing new guest mix by Akirahawks and don't forget to check out the links below!

Akirahawks on Resident Advisor
House Mannequin on
House Mannequin on Facebook

woensdag 11 december 2013

Episode #037 - Flemming Dalum

HE'S BACK! The boss. The king of the cut. Flemming Dalum, the commander of the beat. And we are damn well happy about it! Flemming's previous mix for deathmetaldiscoclub really proved to be a turning point in the reboot of our mix series, we had a lot of amazing response to his exclusive mix and we still do every day, so we couldn't help but say 'yes' once he offered us to do another one. And boy, is he back with a vengeance!!
For this exclusive mix Flemming decided to revisit the unusual part of his mind-boggling record collection. Many people are not aware of the fact that he was a dedicated techno collector in the hey-days of the genre. Flemming has ALL techno records from the '88-'94 techno era and we were really curious to what a Flemming Dalum techno mix would sound like. He did a few short techno mixes for the Cybernetic Broadcasting System/Intergalactic FM, but never really explored the genre to it's fullest. Well, here you go.
Ofcourse he wasn't able to go through all of his techno records for this, but we are absolutely grateful for opening another door to his universe. The result is absolutely relentless. This is techno with a capital T. A brave step for a man who operates in such specific territories, but he's gone way deeper than most techno dj's would dare to nowadays. It is hard, tight and raw as fuck. But with that oldschool human element to it, proving once again that he understands groove and ambiance like no other.

Flemming has just released a new remix on the amazing Disco Modernism for the previously unreleased 'Leave me alone' track by Atelier Folie. He's also got a new remix coming out on the next Red Laser Records EP and there's a ton of other productions and mixes he is working on right now. So keep an eye on the channels that are linked below if you want to know all about his future projects.
For now, HUGH respect to Flemming Dalum, as this is something not every DJ would agree to do. And most importantly, enjoy this absolute monster of a mix!! No tracklist this time!!

Flemming Dalum on Soundcloud
Flemming Dalum on Discogs
Deathmetaldiscoclub #007 by Flemming Dalum

dinsdag 10 december 2013

The Clover - Processes

The Clover is an awesome electronic project from Italy, consisting of Antonio Pecori, Stefano Meucci and Andrea Giachetti. This wonderful trio of musicians first appeared under our radar through San Proper, who included the amazing 'Voices' collaboration in his deathmetaldisco-mix earlier this year. We were really happy to find a promotional package in our mailbox last week, which included their upcoming debut album on Bosconi Records called "Processes".

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to The Clover, is the live-feel of this band's music. There's a certain playfulness to their take on electronic music that really stands out. It really feels like all their tracks are polished live jams, and you can totally hear that they explored all the possibilities before arranging their tracks into their final form. Processes is no exception from that. This album is probably the freshest album in house music we have heard this year. Combining a free-jazz attitude with proper synth psychedelia has resulted in an amazing collection of tracks which are really hard to compare to eachother. Both in attitude and mood.
Though some tracks are not for everyone, we can definetly imagine a handful of DJ's right away who are able to work these tracks into their sets. Some of them are really deep and experimental like "The Black Hole" or "Break 4 Luck" (again with San Proper), while tracks like "The Gash" or "Phoenix" are definetly danceable. Subtly triggering lots of impulses with their experimental sides and the carefully programmed beats and bass. There's a lot of detail in the combination of the two, which adds a lot of human element in them. Ofcourse we can only applaud to the adventurous side that this record contains. It's really complex, but it's records like these that will continuously start to grow on you after every rotation and that will be hailed upon in years to come for their timeless quality.

Bosconi is going to release "Processes" on December 15th, with 10 tracks on the CD format and there's a digital release planned for December 21st, which has three exclusive tracks that come with it. Essential record for the hardcore psychonauts. Samples below!

LINK TO JUNODOWNLOAD.COM (with audiosamples)

donderdag 5 december 2013

Episode #036 - Marcel Vogel

We've got Marcel Vogel on the decks this week, and the Germanian disco don really stretched his disco muscle this time. Providing us with a 2 hour monster set full of classic disco cuts and edits.

Marcel is the mastermind behind Lumberjacks in Hell and Intimate friends, which are widely known for their really diverse output. These imprints are definetly your thing when you are really into the disco edit/chicago house. Since 2010, he has released records by people like Rayko, Rahaan, Traxx, NY AK and himself, and the imprints have really earned their global support from day one.
As a DJ, Marcel started promoting/playing events in Germany. He had a major success with his Legacy events in Berlin from 2003 to 2007, but decided to move to Amsterdam in 2010, which proved to be the right move. The city has welcomed his persona with open arms and it also served as an important hub for his international carreer. Travelling the whole wide world himself and bringing over some of his biggest friends in disco music, friends like Hunee and Rahaan.

Marcel is currently playing a monster tour through the United States of America, but ofcourse his Lumberjacks in Hell aren't sitting still! The label should have another monster release by Al Kent in stores by now. The 'Yes I Do/Can't Stop' single is a perfect example for the sound of both Marcel himself and the Lumberjacks/Intimate Friends sound, so go check that out at your regular store.

But now that you're at it, we advise you to check out this mad, mad disco mix. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do and don't forget to check out the links on Marcel and his work down below! Enjoy.

Marcel Vogel on Soundcloud
Marcel Vogel on Facebook
Lumberjacks in Hell on Facebook
Intimate Friends on Facebook

dinsdag 3 december 2013

KMTR - Disco Spectrum vol. 1

Do you remember that awesome guest mix that Konstantin Timoshenko did for us a few weeks ago? The response has been absolutely fantastic to that particular mix. There's two tracks in there that most of you people have been asking us for identification.
Well, we are really happy to tell you that both of these tracks have been included in his first disco edits release! We are talking about the 'Disco Spectrom volume one' on Kidnap Records from Amsterdam. It's officialy out today on digital formats through all major digital record stores, and we couldn't be any more pleased with such a fine first release for this Khazakstanian disco madman! We could tell you about the tracks and name our favourite and stuff, but this is an all-killer no-filler disco boogie release and we just want to advise you to check this one out while it's still hot. So go get it. Now!

Kidnap Records has released Disco Spectrum vol. 1 on December 2nd and is available now through all your favourite digital records stores. Juno, iTunes, Beatport etc.

LINK TO JUNODOWNLOAD.COM (with audiosamples)

woensdag 27 november 2013

Episode #035 - Convert

This week's guest is Convert. A forward-thinking techno DJ/producer who is surrounded by clouds of mystery. The artist involved asked us explicitly to keep his profile as anonymous it can get, so we will have to keep this as low-profile as possible for now.

We do want you to know that he has been sending us some of his tracks in the last couple of weeks and we can only tell you how SUPER-excited we are about the sounds that he delivers. Testing his tracks really fills our eyes with tears of joy! So we definetly advise you to start following him on Soundcloud or Facebook, because we really want you guys to find out, once he's ready to reveal the things he's working on.

This guest mix is a great experimental ride between the colliding worlds of techno and electro. We could try to formulate the feelings that this episode evokes, but words would do unjust. So we decided to keep this description as short as we should and advise you to pick up a good pair of headphones and surrender yourself to this deep, but wonderful universe. Enjoy!

Convert on Soundcloud
Convert on Facebook

maandag 25 november 2013

Episode #034 - Kid Machine

This week's mix has been made by one of the most badass detainees from the intergalactic space prison. Deathmetaldiscoclub is very proud to present to you this exclusive mix by Mark Wilkinson aka Kid Machine!

Mark has been producing in the 90's under the guise of Maruko, which was originally a house music project. He released the first Maruko release on his own label called Deluded Records in 2001. He also used to DJ under that name for years, but decided in 2006 that he wanted to venture into other ends of electronic music. He's focused on music production ever since.
Since 2007, Mark has been experimenting with various forms of electro/disco in his home studio, based in Wythenshawe, Manchester UK. He got a lot of inspiration from science-fiction and space-influenced music and realized that this was only the beginning of a new era for him, the Kid Machine was born. He released his first Kid Machine EP in 2009 on Sounds of the Suburbs, called Velours 77.
2012 proved to be an essential year for Mark. His Replicants EP on I-F's Viewlexx Records was a major hit in the Italo-Disco/Electro scene, and the vinyl has been a much sought-after product since the day of it's release. His tracks and demo's have been widely exposed to people all over the world through Flemming Dalum's legendary disco mixes and the Replicants EP and Flemming Dalum's support have triggered lots of labels showing interest in his work ever since. He's had big, epic releases on Flight Recorder and Red Laser Recordings from then on and we are really much looking forward to his debut album.
The Kid Machine debut album is called 'First Contact' and will be out on a double 12" inch release through Cyber Dance, somewhere early 2014. He's also got a follow-up to the highly succesful 'Space Consortium vol. 1' on Flight Recorder that he is working on right now and we are delighted to learn that Flemming Dalum and Casionova will be involved too again. He's got a whole bunch of killer tracks that he's working on besides that, deathmetaldiscoclub had the honor of test-driving some of his newest cuts, and we are super-excited about his newest works, consisting of a new kid machine sound, besides the classic one. So expect even more announcements from this man in the near-future.

For this mix, he delivered an epic journey through the Kid Machine universe, consisting of both original work and tracks by others. We couldn't be any more happier with the submission we got and we know you guys will absolutely dig this.
For now, fasten your seatbelts, close down your eyes, and enjoy this amazing 34rth episode of Deathmetaldiscoclub and don't forget to check out the links on Kid Machine we included below! Have a nice trip friends!

Kid Machine on Soundcloud
Kid Machine on Facebook
Kid Machine on


woensdag 13 november 2013

Intergalactic FM

Deathmetaldiscoclub is proud to announce it's official partnership with the amazing Intergalactic FM! Full catalog is now exclusively available through our IFM page.
Click the link down below to access our catalog at the best radiostation in the galaxy.


Episode #033 - De Pin Up Club

This week's guest is Josef van Galen as De Pin Up Club. A very talented sound designer and as down-to-earth as one can be. Josef has been DJ'ing for quite some time now. He used to be a lot into breakdance, early hiphop and electro back in the days when he lived in Delft. He also used to throw his own parties at places like Paard van Troje.
These days he focuses a lot on producing. He's based in Amsterdam right now and is currently manufacturing tracks under the name of De Pin Up Club. The name was taken from an old Dutch television show from the 80's, which was all about music video's and half-naked women running around like headless chicken. He's really got a sound that is pretty hard to categorize. It's disco, it's boogie, it's everything danceable with a really fresh touch of his own. His productions are super-crisp and he's got an amazing ear for great melody's and hooks and stimulating basslines. And the same can be said of his DJ sets.
He delivered an eclectic selection of tunes for this episode, with a nod to his earliest influences, combining them with his current taste in electronic music, while staying true to the sound of his most recent output as an artist himself. Things don't get much more deathmetaldiscoclub than this, and we're really, really sure that you guys are going to appreciate this episode.

He recently released his first EP called 'Go Funk Yourself' on Discobox Records from Mexico. His tracks are doing really well right now and we know that there's a lot more material he is working on at the moment. It's a bit too early to inform you about this right now, but things are going to get very exciting for him in 2014. More on that later.
For now, we wish you a pleasant time with this exclusive one-hour mix by De Pin Up Club and don't forget to visit the links below, this is one guy you should keep your eyes on! ENJOY!!!

De Pin Up Club on Facebook
De Pin Up Club on Soundcloud
'Go Funk Yourself' EP on

maandag 11 november 2013

Samanta Fox & Snuffo - Klaus You

Renate Schallplatten is the label of 'Salon Zur Wilden Renate', one of Berlin's most infamous clubs out there. Their 'La Paloma' release by Wareika was a real 2011 hit-single among the typical techhouse and deephouse DJ's, but their second single by Samanta Fox & Snuffo is from another galaxy.
The original mix of 'Klaus You' instantly reminds us of the acid house days. It's sound immediately reminds us of tracks by artists like Phuture and Juan Atkins' Cybotron. But leaning on a sound that has been fully developed before doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, when executed in a proper way. 'Klaus You' is one of those examples that real proper techno can still be alive. It's dark, gritty and the word 'filth' is just written all over it.
On remixing duty is Skatebård. The man behind Digitalo Enterprises. This guy from Norway ever gets things right. He always delivers something unique, while keeping the original vibe as intact as can be. This is one of the reasons why he's so in demand as a remixer and this remix is no exception from that. It's interesting to hear him play with such a creepy track, while keeping it so identical to the original version, it seems that Renate couldn't have made a better choice on remixing duties. Subtle remix, but ace for sure.

Renate Schallplatten is releasing 'Klaus You' on November 11th, so this single should be in your favourite record stores anytime soon. Make sure you're going to get this, because we're telling you, this one has every potential to be a serious classic. Vinyl only, samples below.

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)

Funn City - All Night People

Startree is a new label from New York by Metro Area's Darshan Jesrani. The project was announced more than two years ago by Morgan Geist through Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space Radio. We've been waiting on news ever since and we were really happy to find a promo of it's first debut single at the headquarters over the weekend.
Funn City's 'All Night People' is a ten-minute track full of good fun. This track really justifies the project's name. It's uplifiting, it's fast, it's optimistic and a wonderful ode to life and late 70's dance music. And the energy that comes with this tune is damn well infectious. It is exactly the kind of music we would expect from a label by the name of Startree.
The Disco version combines it's funky backing track with encouraging vocals and choirs, encouraging you to just get up and dance. It's simply irrestible, especially every time when that groovy bassline kicks in. It's Dub version is an instrumental version of the track, which is a really nice addition, as this composition is full of joy and playfulness.

Startree is going to release All Night People on December 2nd through Word and Sound distribution and should be available on black 12" inch vinyl only. Top track to close off an amazing year for disco music!

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)

woensdag 6 november 2013

Episode #032 - Melon

We are really honored to have another artist from our home turf again, Deathmetaldiscoclub is proud to present the sound of Jeroen Hofer aka Melon! Melon has been really active as a house DJ over the last decades, this guy truly is one of the finest ambassadors when it comes to the soulful sounds from the Dutch Westcoast..
He's played Cielo, he's played the Cookies Club. He has played the Panorama Bar and practically every renowned club worldwide and currently holds a residency at the infamous Trouw with his Ratio? evenings.

His Ratio? events started somewhere around 2006/2007, and he's hosted a succesful series of Ratio? evenings at the now defunct, but legendary Club 11. As the events stood the test of time, Trouw was a logical choice for it's 2nd run of events, introducing and inviting a lot of international acts like Doc Martin, Willie Graff, Soul Clap, Henrik Schwarz and Nicolaas Jaar.
It's success would eventually ignite him to release his own records through his own imprint, but also as Je Dàvu on labels like Bangbang! and Platzhirsch Schallplatten. Although it was a little bit quiet on the production side due to family extension, he did just release another single during the ADE called 'I'm Back' on Raw Meat, and the two-tracker is a total house/disco banger, definetly worth checking out!
Click here for Soundcloud link

We are also really happy to announce that Melon has some new cuts coming up in a near-future. First of all, he'll be releasing two remixes, one on Nuno Dos Santos' SoHaSo label, and one for an upcoming Eric D. Clark project for Hotel Shanghai.
He's also got an EP coming up on San Proper's already amazing Proper's Cult label and one on Tom Trago's Voyage Direct. Both to be distributed by Rush Hour. He also revealed that there are new Melon cuts in line for future Ratio? releases, so there's reason enough to keep an eye on this man.

For the Deathmetaldiscoclub series, he decided to deliver an exclusive early house mix. It's the perfect retrospective in celebration to 25 years of house music in Holland. He included a short message with his submission stating: 'Although some of these tracks were produced more than 25 years ago, I still find myself playing these tracks in clubs worldwide. No matter how hard people are trying to change the rules in house music nowadays, there's some kind of formula in these tracks that are essential to house music.'

With the closing of Trouw in mind (the temporary club is closing at the end of 2014), Melon promised us that he will be working on a big series of Ratio? events, to celebrate the existence of it's current base. We were really happy to find out that he's bringing one of our favourites over to Trouw for it's next event November 22nd, Eric Duncan!! This New York city-original is releasing a huge batch of monster jams right now, and we cannot even imagine what kind of dream team this will be. Definetly a must-go!

For event information, go to:
For now, enjoy these sounds from Melon and don't forget to check out the links below!

Ratio? on Soundcloud
Melon on Facebook
Melon's Official Website

woensdag 30 oktober 2013

Episode #031 - KMTR

We are really happy to have Konstantin Timoshenko on the show this week. Konstantin is orginally from Kazachstan, which was part of the Soviet Union until it's fall in 1991 and currently resides in Sofia, the capitol city of Bulgaria.
He is known for his really tight edits that he shares under the name of KMTR, covering a very wide range of genres. From New Wave to Schlager, from Disco to Synth Pop, this man has an open heart when it comes to music and he's always more than happy to share his finds with others. It was by accident that we stumbled upon one of his amazing classic disco edits and we have been playing most of his treasures ever since.
We couldn't help but pay him our respects in return, by inviting him for a guest mix and spreading the word about his wonderful projects.

Next to running the KMTR project, Konstantin also runs a online blog called Flea Music Paradise, or maybe better known as FMP. He posts all his interesting flea market finds over there and we seriously advise you to visit his blog every now and then, because he is sharing really nice tracks over there on a regular base.
Ofcourse he is also a regular dj in the Bulgarian scene, persuading crowds with his very unique, exotic taste in electronic music.
We are really happy to announce that Konstantin is releasing one of his KMTR edits through the Amsterdam-based label Kidnap Recordings which will be out as a digital file on December the 3rd, through Juno and Itunes etc. He included this crazy track of his in the mix, and it looks like he will be playing some records over here too, we will definetly announce that as soon as we know more about that!

The mix he did for deathmetaldiscoclub is a very fine business card of the sounds that he is all about and we couldn't be more happier with the result. Do yourselves a favor and  check out some of the link below, it is absolutely worth it.
For now, we instruct you to play this one really loud, it is an absolute honor to host such a danceable mix that has this rare kind of quality to it. This is food for the body, this is food for the soul. This is the sound of Konstantin Timoshenko!!!

KMTR on Facebook
KMTR on Soundcloud
Flea Music Paradise Blog
KMTR Re Edits
Kidnap Records

maandag 28 oktober 2013

Antoni Maiovvi - Tapehoarder EP

Craig Bratley's outstanding Magic Feet imprint has been widely known for it's own impressive take on the type of slower-paced dance music championed by artists like Andrew Weatherall and Felix Dickinson these days. Although it has been mosty leaning on the balearic side of the so-called 'nu-disco' genre, the Tapehoarder EP by Antoni Maiovvi probably marks a new era for the label's output.

The first thing that comes to mind is the very uplifting, housey feeling of the opening track, relying heavily on 808 & 909 percussion and claps, makes the track easily classifiable as a peak-time track. It's almost techno, very unusual for the label, but definetly a monster!
Scott Fraser has been on an amazing producing frenzy this year and we are starting to wonder if this guy is even capable of doing wrong. Finding his name on a piece of wax is already worth spending the money on and he delivers the remix on the opening track, taking the track to even further heights with his brutal, phat, trademark sound.

The B-side opens with Maiovvi's very interesting take on minimal techno. Not the kind of over-produced minimal techno that is dominating the clubs these days, but the proper kind hailing from the mid-90's. Combining hypnotising bass with carefully placed synth washes on the higher frequencies and really deep vocals to top things off, makes this a great tool for a very wide range of DJ sets. It's also a great resting point for the EP, as Maiovvi is going full-on again while closing the four-tracker with a really deep and cosmic banger. We have always tried to pick a winner from the releases that we present, but in this case we couldn't. Simply essential!

Magic Feet is releasing 300 copies of the Tapehoarder EP on black 12" inch vinyl through All Ears Distribution on November 4th . Be sure to set your reminders on this one! Samples below.

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)

woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Episode #030 - Disko Selectors

We are really happy to welcome the Disko Selectors to the DMDC podcast for our 30th episode this week. The Disko Selectors are Roi Canda and Javi Deeman from Valladolid, Spain and they've certainly proved themselves as a forced to be reckoned with in the last couple of years. They have been editing and remixing a big batch of tracks this year, which we have been testing with loads of pleasure in the last few months. Their sound is really hard to pinpoint actually, every track has it's very own feeling and, as they state themselves, are a crossover between Nu-disco, deephouse, cosmic sounds, acid, Italo and sometimes balearic disco/house even. They've also done some great mixes in the past for wonderful series like Radio Cómeme, Interstellar Tracks and Electrique.
They host a admirable podcast series too, called the Series Disko! and have hosted an amazing batch of mixes from DMDC-favourites like De Dupe, Flemming Dalum, Svelt and mixes by their own ofcourse. They've just opened their third season for the series and already had a great run so far with mixes by Timothy J. Fairplay, Club Bizarre and Kalidasa.

The Disko Selectors have been releasing some tracks, on labels like Bust A Dub, Mister Mistery and Coquette, and they show no sign of stopping them in the near future, as they have been producing a LOT this year. They have new material coming up on labels like Emerald & Doreen, Hot Elephant and Logical Records, and we are happy to announce that they have their first original track coming up on Bordello A Parigi over the next few months. It is part of a new compilation series for the label called Riviera Disco and the Disko Selectors will be joined by three different artists for the first round of the series. We can't give you any more info on that right now, but it looks like the release will hit the stores somewhere around january.

For the Deathmetaldiscoclub podcast, they decided to do things a little bit different than they are used to. This is their hommage to the golden era of casette, white labels and the DIY-approach from the electronic 80's. These mixes can get a bit difficult for audiences in general, but Roi and Javi have done an amazing job on this, preserving a fine balance between the tracks without getting to arty farty about it. We've never lost attention to this amazing 2,5 hour ride. Loads of classics and re-issued tracks on this one, but also lots of forgotten gems that we've probably never heard if it wasn't for the Disko Selectors.

Check out the links below for more on Disko Selectors and the Series Disko! and a big shout out to Roi and Javi for this fine delivery. It is an absolute delight to host this
badass mix. ENJOY FRIENDS!!!! on Soundcloud on Facebook on Wordpress

dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Episode #029 - Spaziale

'Spaziale - Why Must Good Things Come To An End' Mix

We are very honored to present you our next guest for the DMDC-series: Scott Hesselink from San Fransisco, California as Spaziale! Spaziale is one of our biggest finds on the web in the past few months (thank you Yakob Bakker) and his mixes are an absolute sensation when it comes to rare finds and exotic records. He is one of the deepest diggers we've discovered this year and it's a total delight to have him on the show this week, as he doesn't do guest mixes that very often.

Hesselink. Hence the name. One of the main reasons for him to do this mix is his ancestry. His parents were born in Amsterdam and decided to move to the United States in the 70's, so he feels there is a connection between him and the place where we reside.
His Porno Disco series have already gained a cult status among collectors and enthusiasts and he also unleashed a few themed-mixes in the past two years. They are the result of Scott's eternal quest towards forgotten gems from the golden era of funk, soul and disco and every mix he does has a very strong visual aesthetic.
This mix continues that steady course, but ofcourse in typical Deathmetaldisco-fashion, serving us a nice plate full of Disco, Funk, Electro, Rap, Gospel and Freestyle. It is truly a monster!

For more on Spaziale and the world of Scott Hesselink, check out the links below. We heard a few rumours about a Spaziale edits release somewhere in a near future.. He wanted to keep this as a surprise for now, so be sure to keep your eyes on him. ENJOY!!! for Soundcloud for his personal website for his account for his Facebook

vrijdag 27 september 2013

Episode #028 - Rothmans

We have Mr. Rothman in the mix this week. Mr. Rothman is the mysterious character from the UK who runs the amazing Rothmans label, a label that is based on the collectible football cards from the 70's. Every release they do is dedicated to one of the classic football players from the 70's/early 80's era. And we are happy to host this mix, dedicated to their next release, which will hit the stores somewhere around september 30th!

Rothmans fourth single is dedicated to Claudio Gentile, the infamous Italian Juventus defender who ran a succesful international career in that bygone era. The fourth release includes original tracks by two Deathmetal-affiliates, namely Ali Renault and Iron Blu from Flight Recorder. Next to those, the release also hosts a track by Posthuman and a Felix Dickinson rework of Cage & Aviary track. Sublime stuff again, and we definetly advise you to check the previews at the link below!

For now, enjoy this mix by Mr. Rothman himself and don't forget to follow him on Soundcloud or Facebook, if you'd like to keep informed on all his actions work!

The Claudio Gentile release on Soundcloud

Rothmans on Soundcloud
Rothmans on Facebook

woensdag 25 september 2013

Clement Meyer - Modern Primitivism

Parisian techno-label Get The Curse returns with it's third single this year and it's Clement Meyer who serves the label's fifteenth release to the public.
The Modern Primitivism EP is a bit of an oddball. But it's a fascinating one. The 4-tracker is hard to categorize, with every track clocking in at a different tempo, but the three original tracks here do have one thing in common: they draw heavily on weird percussion. They walk a thin line between electro and techno and although they are not for everyone, they make great DJ tools for the expert DJ's.
The remix on this EP comes from Lumigraph and this is a hard one. It combines really agressive electronics with reverberated snare drums and steady 909 drums. A dangerous remix and a risky release, but certainly appreciated over here. We can definetly imagine this being played in dark places like Berghain or the underground Rotterdam/The Hague scene. Favourite track on this is probably the A2 track called 'Red Band Trailer'.

Get The Curse will release the Modern Primitivism on 300 black vinyl pressings around the 14th of october and they've handed over distribution duties to Syncrophone Paris.

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

maandag 16 september 2013

VA - Red Laser Records 003

Manchester's Red Laser Records has been making quite a name over the last period of time. Besides hosting their headstrong events in the UK, the italo disco/electro label is going to launch it's third EP pretty soon.
The 4-tracker EP opens up with the Flemming Dalum & Il Bosco collaboration called 'Manctalo'. The track has been making quite a  furore on the web lately and it's great to learn that it finally gets pressed on wax now. Second track on the A-side is another epic space ride from Kid Machine. Big percussive sounds and fantastic sound design on this one.
The B-side opens with a new track by Starion, who's also included in the other two EP's from the label's main samplers. The Night Flanger track fits in really well again with this EP and is said to be the soundtrack of a futuristic film about a pimpin' robot. We feel you, Starion!
Last track by Il Bosco is probably the weird kid on the block. It's not exactly italo/electro like the other tracks, but it's one hell of a futuristisc electro boogie jam. Funky stuff, indeed! The whole EP consists of tracks that we will definetly play for a long, long time and that's what makes this release an essential one.

Red Laser Records will release Red Laser 003 somewhere around the 26th of September through Clone Distribution. It's pressed on red vinyl and comes with the typical 80's Red Laser Artwork. Limited to 300 pieces and no digitals, so make sure you set a reminder on this one. Samples below!

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

woensdag 11 september 2013

Episode #027 - Jules de la Courgette

Next in line for the Deathmetaldisco series is Jules Timmers, AKA Jules de la Courgette. As a DJ Jules is quite a regularin the Amsterdam scene. He's played practically every venue in the capitol city and also plays a lot of back-to-back sessions with like-minded colleagues of him. He's quite a character and quickly made a name for himself with his funky, soulful eclecticism. He is a DJ's DJ. From disco to techno, from soul or hip hop to pitched up drum and bass... Whatever the gig, this guy is your man. He is a real cratedigger and this mix is a perfect example of his selecting skills.

Between travelling from gig to gig, Jules has found himself some time to produce beats. Together with his buddy Abel Minnee he started producing recently under the Fred Ricus monniker and their fresh Soundcloud page presents some amazing stuff already. Definetly something to watch!

As a DJ himself, you just have to check out Jules de la Courgette. He'll play Doka Amsterdam together with Elias Mazian on September 11th.
He's also playing Toren Overhoeks together with former DMDC-guest Eindbaas on September 20th, they've played together like a hundred times before and they're just a brilliant pair.

Don't forget to check out the related links below and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this crazy 2,5 hour mix. This is all about having a party. This is Jules de la Courgette!!

dinsdag 10 september 2013

VA - Musik For Autobahns Sampler

Amsterdam's Rush Hour has released the Musik For Autobahns album earlier this year, a compilation that was compiled by Gerd Janson which had popular and less popular acts showcasing their "more contemporary" personalities. Now, they are about to release a sampler dedicated to that release.
The sampler contains five tracks from artists like Acoustic High-End Research, Osborne and Suzanna Kraft. Although not exclusive tracks (they were all included in the comp.), they do feel like the best tracks in retrospect.

In our honest oppinion, the sampler is nothing more than a 'best of' of the compilation, but it's a great release for those who don't want to spend their money on the full release. And to be truthful, Young Marco's 'In The Wind' still feels as mesmerizing as it did before! It is most definetly a great weapon to the ones who like to ride the more edgier sides of electronic music.

'Musik for Autobahns' will be released by Rush Hour somewhere in the month September on black 12" inch vinyl. An exact release dat hasn't been announced but it should be out anytime soon now. Essential!

LINK TO RUSHHOUR.NL (with audiosamples)

maandag 9 september 2013

2013.12.13 - Bordello A Parigi @ Doka, Amsterdam

De Dupe is hosting another Bordello A Parigi event at Doka Amsterdam, on the 13th of December! Another night full of tenderness and lots of sexuality, a must-go for the Italo-heads!

Visit the Facebook event over here and attend:

woensdag 4 september 2013

Episode #026 - The Boy With The Broken Record

The 26th episode in the deathmetaldisco series is one hell of a mix by Rens Mors, better known as The Boy With The Broken Record. As a DJ, he's known for his own hypnotic take on minimal house and techno. This time, he serves us an eclectic potpourri in real deathmetal-fashion.

As a promoter, Mors is known as the founder of the Bauhaus organization. Residing in Amsterdam, they've made quite a name for themselves in relatively short time. Combining remarkable locations with headstrong lineups, every event they host has a unique experience on it's own. They also don't shy away from granting their artists marathon sessions and those are definetly strong factors that made them a name to be reckoned with along the legal and illegal music circuit of the Netherlands.

For now, we hope you enjoy this strong mix of grand gesture and don't forget to check out the websites below!

Bauhaus Klangfabrik on Soundcloud
Bauhaus on Facebook
The Boy With The Broken Record on Facebook

vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Alan Backdrop - VR Plan

For their tenth digital release, Prologue Recordings added a new artist to it's roster, called Alan Backdrop. The German label is famous for it's deep, hypnotic take on 4/4 techno, but decided to do things quite differently with this one.
Alan Backdrop's 'VR Plan' is a dark and brooding piece of experimental electronica. The 7-tracker is quite hard to categorise, but hangs somewhere between  ambient and experimental techno.

There is not a real concept between the tracks, every track feels like it stands on it's own as a piece of art. But that's what gives this release it's true power, a fantastic collection of carefully produced tracks with thoughtful sounddesign. 'Honok' is probably our most favourite track here, but the whole release is definetly a keeper.

Prologue will release 'VR Plan' digitally on the 30th of September 2013, but the release will have a exclusive release plan with Beatport, which will be launched on the 16th of September. Fresh release!

donderdag 29 augustus 2013

Episode #025 - DJ TLR

DJ TLR - The Door In The Wall Mix


The 25th mix for the Deathmetaldiscoclub series has been mixed by Jeroen van der Star, aka DJ TLR. TLR has been an important key figure in the electronic scene of the The Hague since the early 2000's. He's been responsible for the infamous Global Darkness forum by himself and also co-owns the Godspill mailorder, a mailorder for anyone who wants to order vinyl records that get supported by the members of the Dutch Westcoast. He's also connected with I-F's Intergalactic FM and Guy Tavares' Bunker Records, but really made a name for himself when he decided to start his own label, Crème Organization.

Crème Organization is more than a label, it's a family. A family with a certain philosophy. Crème Organization grew out of the electro/techno/jungle scene in the '90s squat scenes of The Hague and Leiden and it's mostly about proper old-school electro, dark & gritty house and eerie electronics to techno. Some of the records they have put out sound really dirty & sleazy, but quality is always at the forefront of Crème Organization. They have people like Legowelt, Rude 66, Orgue Electronic and Alexander Robotnick on board and they know exactly when one of their records is a Crème record or when it isn't. TLR and his family aren't about over-produced records. They're all about the quality of the content. It's what makes the label a favourite down here at the office. It's what makes the label a highly succesful label worldwide and it's TLR that can be accounted for.

The label has a few nice things coming up. They have just released it's new single by D'Marc Cantu called Alternate Frequency and are about to unleash new singles by Myriad and Innershades. And if that isn't enough, TLR is about to release a new single through the R-Zone sublabel too! Keep your eyes on that, that stuff is really, really wicked. Until then, we hope you enjoy this 25th mix by DJ TLR and we strongly advise you to have a look at his websites below!

Crème Organization on Soundcloud
Global Darkness
Godspill Mailorder
Crème Organization on Facebook

donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Big news for the vinyl heads. As of today, R&S will start shipping a full repress of Aphex Twin's 'Selected Ambient Works 85-92'. It's been years since the classic album got it's latest repress, while demand has only grown over time.
Official press kit states: 'We have 70 copies shipping now.... Once those 70 are sold, the vinyl product will be put on pre-sale and orders will ship next week.'

We are expecting that this will sell out over the weekend, so act fast if you want to obtain yourselves a copy.


woensdag 21 augustus 2013

Reza Athar - Bradford's Beach Sunset

Deathmetaldiscoclub-associate Reza Athar launched a wonderful mix to promote the Horizon event that will be taking place on the 6th of September at Doka, Amsterdam's freshest club. Good vibes to compliment the summer of 2013.

For more info on the Horizon event, visit the event page on Facebook

maandag 19 augustus 2013

Mattheis - Isms EP

The Nous'Klaer Audio label is about to release it's first single next month and their debut is from Mattheis' hands. And this 3-tracker EP is definetly a nice start for the Dutch label.
The A-side contains two tracks called Prism 1 and Prism 2. Deep analog sounds combined with really raw & dusty drum tracks. Really great work. The B-side is of another level, a bit more difficult maybe, wonderful stuff, though! We are sure that there are DJ's around who can manage to work this and it's great to see that the label is already showing some balls. Though the opening track on the A-side is the definitive winner for us.

The Isms EP will be released through Clone distribution somewhere in September. Limited pressing of 300 pieces on 12" inch black vinyl, no digital. 
Samples below!

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

woensdag 14 augustus 2013

Episode #024 - Visconti

We have Visconti on the show this week! Residing in France, Visconti is known for her playful DJ style with a fine balance of joy and music. She always puts selection in front of mixing and that is what we consider an important quality over here at Deathmetaldiscoclub.
Visconti is being represented by Tete D'Affiche from Paris. She's played all the major clubs in France and doesn't shy away from accepting gigs in Berlin, London or Dubai nowadays.
She's also a regular at fashion events for brands like L’Express Style, HTC, Tumi, René Derhy and Vogue bar and chances are that you have spotted her there recently.

We know that there is a bright future ahead of Visconti and advise you to keep an eye on her. In the meantime, enjoy this charming and playful little mix!

maandag 12 augustus 2013

Mark Maenad - Kompleks EP

Deathmetal-associate Mark Maenad is going to release his debut EP through Platinium Records later this month. The package consists of 3 techno oriented tracks.
First track is a typical offbeat stomper, which reminds us of T47's earlier works. Second one is more straightforward with lots of crisp paranoia going on. Our favourite track is the third one, the title track. A steady and bit more subtle quality stomper, loads of reverb and white noise going on.

Platinium Records is going to release the Kompleks EP on September 5th worldwide, but will be available exclusively through Beatport on August 22nd. Digital only!

vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

VA - The Pink Collection

Belgian's finest, Eskimo Recordings, is infamous for putting out amazing releases and the wonderful compilations that came along. We were happy to find a promotional package in our mailbox earlier this week, regarding their upcoming 'The Pink Collection' compilation.
The album features 13 tracks, some exclusive, by artists like Kasper Bjørke, Holy Models, Brynjolfur and Majestique and the running order does a wonderful job on building intensity. Lots of balearic gems on this one again. We couldn't help but pick Ichisan's 'Jugoton' as a definitive favourite.

The compilation marks the beginning of a new series for Eskimo, based on colours. And as Maouris already pointed out, it’s reassuring to find that Eskimo still stands for timeless quality and originality.

Eskimo Recordings will release the 'The Pink Collection' compilation on September 2nd 2013 through N.E.W.S. Distribution and will be available on CD only. Must-have!

woensdag 7 augustus 2013

Episode #023 - the Self

We have a returning guest this week, it's our beloved resident the Self! And he was kind enough to illustrate this mix by himself. So here you go, a personal note from the Self:

'Jagged Remnants of the Journey to the End of the Night'

Time to put the (death) metal in Deathmetaldiscoclub with this set by the Self. Attitude goes a long way. So does love for Music, with a capital M, where the intrinsic quality matters regardless of genre. That is what DMDC stands for. No Borders, no Cadres, no Boundaries.
So dear listeners, blast this music through your speakers and inhale memories of forlorn times. Or just bounce around releasing all your tensions. We'll leave you with this quote by Louis Ferdinand Celine:

“To hell with reality! I want to die in music, not in reason or in prose. People don't deserve the restraint we show by not going into delirium in front of them. To hell with them!”
― Louis-Ferdinand Céline


vrijdag 2 augustus 2013

The Asphodells - Remixed

Rotter's Golf Club will release it's 20th long-player on a double 12" inch next month. A package containing 8 remixes of contemporary artists, reworking the debut album of The Asphodells, the Andrew Weatherall & Timothy J. Fairplay project.
Artists featured on the album are producers like Scott Fraser, Richard Sen and Ivan Smagghe and crosses many different styles, ranging from the usual balearic disco to house and proper electronics to techno. A CD release will add 2 exclusive remixes by Daniel Avery and Group Rhoda.

The Asphodells remixed album will be released 
through Rotter's Golf Club on September 2nd 2013 and will be available in digital formats too.

woensdag 31 juli 2013

Episode #022 - Martin Duvall

Next guest for the Deathmetaldiscoclub podcast is Martin Duvall! Maybe better known as Martin C de Waal, Martin is one of the most prolific multi-disciplinary artists based in Amsterdam. Over the years he has produced an amazing body of work, which he exposes on international grounds. He likes to hold a mirror in front of it's viewers and society and has gained global praise for his confronting, visual work.
Beyond his art through video and photography, Martin is an important figure in the Amsterdam nightlife. Not only as a VJ and DJ, but also as a promoter. Martin is a very dedicated person when it comes to Italo Disco and has been pushing the Italo anthems on his audience throughout his infamous Disco Total and Italo Elite events (which he hosts with Tom Trago, Lupe and San Proper).
Sadly, Disco Total lost it's home base in Club Up earlier this year, but it grants Martin a whole lot of time to concentrate on his visual art. For now, we'd like to see this podcast as a hommage to it's phenomenal legacy.

As an artist, Martin is represented by Torch gallery at the Lauriergracht in Amsterdam and is exposing his current works over there until August 17th. We also want you to know that he has some fresh audio tracks that he is working on and was kind enough to premiere the Topless ft. Martin Duvall - Allnight track in this mix.

For more on Martin visit: or

Enjoy this week's episode!

The Field - Cupid's Head

We are happy to announce that Kompakt rang our bell regarding the release of the fourth album by The Field! It's predecessors are big favourites of us and we must say that his newest submission is again top-notch stuff, showing that The Field is still at his A-game!

The fourth studio album called 'Cupid's Head' will feature 6 original tracks and clocks in at 54 minutes. Kompakt will unleash the album on September 30th.

dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Tarjei Nygård - Hardkokt

The next single by Norwegian imprint Full Pupp is an EP by Tarjei Nygård, quite a new name for us and also for the label. But that's about to change when this single will hit the market next month. The title track has every potential to become another hit single for Full Pupp, while it's B-side  grants Tarjei a place to showcase his somewhat deeper stuff. Brilliant release.

Full Pupp's 39th single will hit the stores next month on the 19th of August. Vinyl only!

zaterdag 20 juli 2013

26.07.2013 - A Love From Outer Space

Sean Johnston did a short interview with Trouw ahead of the ALFOS event next week. Sean will be doing an all-nighter with Andrew Weatherall in de Verdieping next friday.

For the interview go to:
For tickets go to:

And for those who are not familiar with the Amsterdam club yet, there's an interesting Slices feature by Electronic Beats about the temporary club and the people involved:

vrijdag 19 juli 2013

Episode #021 - De Dupe

Our next guest is Otto Kraanen, better known as De Dupe, also known as the mastermind behind Bordello A Parigi (BAP), a Dutch label that we are really, really fond of. Through BAP, Otto has released some very interesting Italo/Synth Pop. He's been running the label since 2011 and they've just released their tenth anniversary single, a release by Mark Du Mosch and Marlijn van de Kerkhof. Arguably it's best single yet and as a package, a charming addition to the already stunning visual style of Bordello.
As a DJ, De Dupe is known as one of the more applauded DJ's to be found along the Dutch westcoast in recent years. Whenever this guy pops up behind the decks, you're in for a treat. You never know what he's packed his bags with and we'd strongly advise you to visit one of his gigs anytime soon.. Whether it's Italo, funk, electro, house, synth pop or US Freestyle, this man sports an exquisite and exotic taste in music. A great addition to the newer generation of promising Dutch acts.
Bordello A Parigi will release it's next three singles in September 2013, one by Heinrich Dressel, one by Marc Fruttero ft. Polymnia and they also have a Italo reissue coming out in conjuction with the great Moustache Records. Keep your eyes on that.

As a DJ, De Dupe will be playing gigs along the westcoast this summer and will be doing a mini-tour through Europe in September. Info on Bordello A Parigi and dates for De Dupe sets can be found on the links below. Enjoy!!!

For now, we hope you enjoy this exclusive eclectic mix for Deathmetaldiscoclub!

woensdag 17 juli 2013


The next single in Bleep's Green series is a split single 12" inch by Marcel Dettmann and Lucy. While Lucy is delivering another abstract techno-stomper, Marcel delivers a more straight-forward techno track with that quintessential Dettmann-sound. Both tracks are characteristic for their individual trademarks and promise to be big hits again.

BLPGRN004 will be out in the first week of August and can be ordered from now on. Act quick, limited to 500 copy's only!!

LINK TO BLEEP.COM (with audiosamples)

dinsdag 16 juli 2013

KSTS - Sometimes More

Athens-based Lower Parts label has released it's third vinyl EP, a debut single by KSTS, featuring five uncompromising, acid-drenched techno/house jams. Expect proper, raw warehouse cuts with that typical 90's flavour. All tracks written by Konstantinos Mpardis except for B1, which is a collaboration with Miltiades. A2 and B2 definetly our favourites!

The Sometimes More EP was released on the 4th of July 2013 and is limited to 200 transparent vinyl. Samples below!

LINK TO BANDCAMP (with audiosamples)

woensdag 3 juli 2013

Episode #020 - Andrew Weatherall

This week's guest is Andrew Weatherall. A HUGE influence to all of us. Andrew has been in the business for over twenty years now and has been one of the leading figures in the electronic music scene. From acid to post punk, from techno to disco, this guy has seen it all. We're proud to have him on our show.
As a musician, producer and remixer Andrew has been famed for his work with The Sabres of Paradise and it's accompanying label. He was also the mastermind behind the Emissions Audio Output label but really caught the world's attention when he got signed to Warp Records with his Two Lone Swordsmen project, a project he did with Keith Tenniswood.
These days Andrew focuses on his newest project, The Asphodells, a project he does with his studio engineer Timothy J. Fairplay. They've just released an amazing debut album in the beginning of 2013. They've been remixed quite a few times now and we are happy to announce that they've got an remix album coming up on September 2nd.

For those who are in and around Amsterdam on July 26th, Andrew will be doing an all-nighter in De Verdieping @ Trouw Amsterdam, together with Sean Johnston under the A Love From Space moniker. Which we are really looking forward to. For tickets & event info go to:
In the meantime, enjoy his newest effort for deathmetaldiscoclub!!

dinsdag 2 juli 2013

Perseus Traxx - The Goddesses Of Inspiration

Newcastle's Flight Recorder has released it's sixth EP, a new single by Nigel Rogers' promising act Perseus Traxx. After FLR004 and FLR005, this conceptual 4-tracker continues to develop Flight Recorder's distinctive sound. This one sits somewhere between eerie electro and steady, pounding techno and it's a great addition to Nigel's amazing output. A2 is probably favourite.

Goddesses Of Inspiration was released on the 1st of July and is available worldwide on white vinyl. No digital, samples below!

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

Mild Peril - Alpha & Gamma Zone

Ali Renault's excellent Vivod label returns for its third release, this time from London-based synthmaster Chris Gilbert aka Mild Peril. Deep synthesiser action all the way on this one with sounds recalling the likes of Tangerine Dream and Jan Hammer, or even a classic lost Michael Mann film soundtrack score that could have been. That's not to say that the tracks are remotely retroistic. While wearing such classic influences on its sleeve the sound and production is straight from the future, and while both tracks are deep and dreamy affairs they pulsate and throb with a chugging dancefloor slo-mo groove that is undeniable.

Act quickly if you want to secure yourself a copy of this neon-soaked rain-beaten gem as copies are strictly limited! AVAILABLE NOW!

LINK TO JUNO (with audiosamples)

woensdag 26 juni 2013

VA - Magic Wand vol. 7

UK-based label Magic Wand released it's seventh volume! Known for their fantastic disco edits, the Is It Balearic?-side label returns with four edits by Al Gobi, T2mm, Coyote and Last Waltz. Expect warm grooves, lots of sun and guitars on this one. Must have for the Balearic/Disco lovers. Magic indeed!

Magic Wand vol. 7 was distributed on the 17th of June and should be out in all major record shops worldwide now. But we must warn you.. Limited pressings, no re-press!

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

VA - Introspective

Ever since ø (phase)'s Mass EP from 2007, we have been keeping a steady eye on Token, the Belgian techno label which was formed by Kr!z. In the ever-growing swamp of over-produced and unimaginative techno, Token and it's producers have always stayed true to their own identity. Their sound is both forward-thinking and nostalgic, techno at it's purest, while reminding you of it's better days.

With people like Inigo Kennedy, ø, Go Hiyama and Xhin on board, you probably know what you're gonna get. But still, with every release you don't know exactly what you're gonna get. The label has it's trancey-side, reminiscing the earlier days of Warp and stuff, while having a really brutal side too..Where most tracks clock in at a 130BPM minimum. The way we like it.
Now, Kr!z has released a DJ mix on CD, called Introspective. It consists of 21 tracks, representing the best of the versatile Token sound. Proving that the label sounds more vital then ever, while showcasing his amazing DJ skills in the process.

Introspective has been released on the 17th of June and we highly suggest that you pick up on this if you haven't been introduced to the label or it's artists yet. This is already the stuff of legends! This is one of those labels that will determain the future sound of techno. No doubt about that.

Episode #019 - Rogér

The BAUHAUS resident and the Deathmetaldiscoclub founder sends his regards through this one-hour broadcast. Enjoy!

dinsdag 25 juni 2013

Proper's cult 29.06.2013

In other news, Deathmetaldiscoclub favourite- and podcast-guest San Proper will be doing an all-nighter this weekend in De Verdieping at Trouw Amsterdam.
It's the first time he's doing an all-nighter at his own event, but he did announce he left some 45 minutes for The D, an upcoming artist on San's promising 'Proper's Cult' label (!).

Read all about it on the Trouw blog:
And for event info and tickets go to the Facebook event page:

Upstairs will be hosted by Imprint, featuring Milton Bradley, Henning Baer and ofcourse Sandrien. And if that ain't enough, the clubnight will be immediately followed by the Concrete marathon. And in case you haven't heard: San is playing there as well!!

For the Concrete event visit:

maandag 24 juni 2013

VA - The Dominique Rocheteau EP

UK-Based label Rothmans is going to put out it's third release soon! Rothmans is a label that is based on the collectible football cards from the 70's. This time it's now-legendary striker Dominique Rocheteau who takes the homage.
First up on the A-side of this four-tracker is Coyote with a funky but tripped-out, acid-laden disco groove. Really nice work. Second track is a track by Aimes from New York and includes wonderful sound design that should work in any balearic set this summer.

Second side opens with a track by the brilliant Scott Fraser and that should say enough. Brilliant bassline on that one. But it's the closing track from Tilburg's experimental Drvg Cvltvre that really catches the attention.. Almost like an outcast, this track opens with a really, really dirty and bassline and shows no signs of improvement on the happier side. Filtered organs and tight distorted percussion makes the thing even more haunting than it already was. The devil is in the details..

Rothmans003 is due out first week of July on 180 grams vinyl and will hit all major records shops worldwide. We included a Soundcloud set with previews of the whole release. Keep a close eye on this one: strictly limited release and no digital!!

vrijdag 21 juni 2013

Spaziale - Porno Disco vol. 5

Finally, the wait is over! There's a brand new episode of Scott Hesselink aka Spaziale's Porno Disco!! Only 20 minutes into the mix, episode 5 already features some of the most exotic disco & funk sounds we've ever heard.
Scott Hesselink again proves to be a real crate digger with an excellent taste when it comes to amazing grooves and quality music.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your weekends with this one!!

woensdag 19 juni 2013

Episode #018 - Emile Strunz

This week's guest is Emile Strunz. Emile Strunz is a producer from Newcastle, UK. He's had amazing releases on World Unknown and Porn Wax (which we featured in episode #002) and his latest 'North Sea Body Music EP' was released on Flight Recorder (which you might remember from episode #007). His music was heavily featured in Flemming Dalum's mix for deathmetaldiscoclub and now he's brought us this epic, epic mix, which is in memory of his mother Rhonda, who sadly passed away in April.
Although technically not a DJ, he's proven himself more than worthy with this megamix, going from Soundtracks to Industrial, to the more danceable stuff and back.

We hope you enjoy this mix and make sure you keep an eye on him because there is a new EP coming out on Ali Renault's VIVOD label soon and Emile also told us that there is going to be a follow-up to the amazing North Sea Body Music, also on Flight Recorder!

Deathmetaldiscoclub #018 - Emile Strunz by Deathmetaldiscoclub on Mixcloud

dinsdag 18 juni 2013

Awanto 3 - Holy Mozes

Rush Hour has just released Awanto 3's Holy Mozes EP. Having already released the For Five EP on the Voyage Direct sub-label few years ago, Awanto 3 a.k.a. Steven de Peven now returns to the label with another set of quality house stompers. First side delivers us an amazing deephouse-kinda groove, with bass and strings that work really well. Second side brings in a little more latin, while working that typical Awanto 3 pace. Second side features remix duties from his good ol' friend Aardvarck!

RH-VD9 is out on proper-cut black vinyl worldwide now!

LINK TO RUSH HOUR (with audiosamples)

zondag 16 juni 2013

Mark du Mosch - Midnight Run

Amsterdam-based Tape Records has just released the amazing Midnight Run EP by Mark du Mosch. The 2 x 12" inch features six original tracks, showcasing once again Mark's stunning diversity. Expect a warm collection of dreamy synthesis, while also delivering some tracks for the dance floor. After twenty rotations, we still coulnd't pick a favourite. Essential!

Midnight Run has been released worldwide on the 6th of June on a limited 2 x 12'' on 180 gr vinyl with silk-screen printed sleeve.

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

zaterdag 15 juni 2013

The KVB - Remixes

Veronica Vasicka's Minimal Wave label has released a limited edition remix package of The KVB's highly acclaimed Immaterial Visions LP through it's own Cititrax sub-label.
The EP features remixes by Karl O'Conner (Regis), Silent Servant, Shifted, In Aeternam Vale and Worn.

The remixes EP will be pressed on 160 grams white vinyl and comes in a white hand stamped die-cut disco sleeve. Vinyl should've been released worldwide right now and there is a digital release that will follow somewhere in the coming months.

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

Peter van Hoesen - Receiver 1/3

Time To Express will release a three-part remix series this year, which will feature 6 contemporary producers re-visiting the work of Peter van Hoesen's 2012 'Perceiver' album.

The first EP is limited to 400 copies and features remixes by Donato Dozzy and Sigha. Mastering has been done by the amazing Artefacts Mastering from Berlin and will be available through Clone this coming tuesday, June 18th.

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

dinsdag 4 juni 2013

Cyber Dance Special

Our first special will have a strong focus on Cyber Dance Records. Cyber Dance is an electro-disco label from the UK, founded by Ali Renault, Spruxx and Casionova. Their sound can be described as futuristic, synth-electro, with a hint of 80's italo. They had their first release in 2005 and gradually gained a loyal following ever since.
They've had major succes with releases from the likes of Andy Romano, Mark Du Mosch, Electrick Dragon, it's founders, amongst others on various compilations.. And are about to release their fourteenth release, a split single by Heinrich Dressel & Ali Renault as his Cestrian moniker, which can be pre-ordered through Juno and various record shops by now.

We have two mixes this week, one by Ali Renault and one by Casionova, both showcasing the different sides and influences of Cyber Dance.

We hope you enjoy this special as much as we do and if you can't get enough of these sounds you should check out Magic Waves Radio too! Magic Waves is also the birth child of Ali & Casionova and they are having it's own live radio show every sunday evening, hosted by the great Intergalactic FM, on IFM1 from 7pm - 11pm GMT.

You can tune in through: The Intergalactic FM Portal:

woensdag 29 mei 2013

Episode #015 - Valentino

This week we have Valentino behind the decks! As a DJ, Valentino has been gradually building a name for himself over the last couple of years. In 2008 he started his Tell Your Taxidriver club night. A succesful night, as it got him a weekly residency at the Ersteliga club in Munich.
He caught the attention of Gomma, a German label and art collective, working there as an employee and also becoming a Gomma resident, playing gigs with them on both national and international grounds and releasing regular podcasts for the label.

Last year, Valentino started the Tambien project together with his musical partners, Marvin and Bartellow. After releasing a highly succesful first EP, Marvin and Valentino decided to start a label/record shop called Public Possession, which opened in the spring of 2013 and they are about to release their next single on the label. We are pretty sure there's a big future ahead of these guys, so keep an eye on Valentino and Public Possession. This time he made a selection from the Organic Section at Public Possession. Enjoy this sick, sick mix!!

You can find more about Valentino, Tambien and Public Possession through:…/387857687959409

woensdag 22 mei 2013

Episode #014 - Mark Maenad

This week's guest is Mark Maenad, a name that people from Amsterdam probably already know. For over three years now, Mark has been part of the Electro-duo Black Oysters. The Black Oysters have been merging all kinds of different styles into one wild and destructive live-setup, destroying dancefloors all over the Netherlands, leaving people in awe.
In the beginning of 2012, Mark got bitten by the techno bug and decided to follow a career of his own, diving deep into the world of techno production. As a DJ, he has been gradually making a name for himself in the Amsterdam scene, earning a residency for our friends from BAUHAUS. He is known for his relentless, bombastic sound, but did things quite different this time, slowing things down and working towards a more harmonic/melodic mix.

Mark Maenad will be playing at the BAUHAUS/DMDC event on May 31st, unleashing his usual brand of techno at the BAUHAUS stage.


Deathmetaldiscoclub #014 - Mark Maenad by Deathmetaldiscoclub on Mixcloud