woensdag 11 december 2013

Episode #037 - Flemming Dalum

HE'S BACK! The boss. The king of the cut. Flemming Dalum, the commander of the beat. And we are damn well happy about it! Flemming's previous mix for deathmetaldiscoclub really proved to be a turning point in the reboot of our mix series, we had a lot of amazing response to his exclusive mix and we still do every day, so we couldn't help but say 'yes' once he offered us to do another one. And boy, is he back with a vengeance!!
For this exclusive mix Flemming decided to revisit the unusual part of his mind-boggling record collection. Many people are not aware of the fact that he was a dedicated techno collector in the hey-days of the genre. Flemming has ALL techno records from the '88-'94 techno era and we were really curious to what a Flemming Dalum techno mix would sound like. He did a few short techno mixes for the Cybernetic Broadcasting System/Intergalactic FM, but never really explored the genre to it's fullest. Well, here you go.
Ofcourse he wasn't able to go through all of his techno records for this, but we are absolutely grateful for opening another door to his universe. The result is absolutely relentless. This is techno with a capital T. A brave step for a man who operates in such specific territories, but he's gone way deeper than most techno dj's would dare to nowadays. It is hard, tight and raw as fuck. But with that oldschool human element to it, proving once again that he understands groove and ambiance like no other.

Flemming has just released a new remix on the amazing Disco Modernism for the previously unreleased 'Leave me alone' track by Atelier Folie. He's also got a new remix coming out on the next Red Laser Records EP and there's a ton of other productions and mixes he is working on right now. So keep an eye on the channels that are linked below if you want to know all about his future projects.
For now, HUGH respect to Flemming Dalum, as this is something not every DJ would agree to do. And most importantly, enjoy this absolute monster of a mix!! No tracklist this time!!

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Deathmetaldiscoclub #007 by Flemming Dalum