woensdag 25 september 2013

Clement Meyer - Modern Primitivism

Parisian techno-label Get The Curse returns with it's third single this year and it's Clement Meyer who serves the label's fifteenth release to the public.
The Modern Primitivism EP is a bit of an oddball. But it's a fascinating one. The 4-tracker is hard to categorize, with every track clocking in at a different tempo, but the three original tracks here do have one thing in common: they draw heavily on weird percussion. They walk a thin line between electro and techno and although they are not for everyone, they make great DJ tools for the expert DJ's.
The remix on this EP comes from Lumigraph and this is a hard one. It combines really agressive electronics with reverberated snare drums and steady 909 drums. A dangerous remix and a risky release, but certainly appreciated over here. We can definetly imagine this being played in dark places like Berghain or the underground Rotterdam/The Hague scene. Favourite track on this is probably the A2 track called 'Red Band Trailer'.

Get The Curse will release the Modern Primitivism on 300 black vinyl pressings around the 14th of october and they've handed over distribution duties to Syncrophone Paris.

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)