woensdag 27 november 2013

Episode #035 - Convert

This week's guest is Convert. A forward-thinking techno DJ/producer who is surrounded by clouds of mystery. The artist involved asked us explicitly to keep his profile as anonymous it can get, so we will have to keep this as low-profile as possible for now.

We do want you to know that he has been sending us some of his tracks in the last couple of weeks and we can only tell you how SUPER-excited we are about the sounds that he delivers. Testing his tracks really fills our eyes with tears of joy! So we definetly advise you to start following him on Soundcloud or Facebook, because we really want you guys to find out, once he's ready to reveal the things he's working on.

This guest mix is a great experimental ride between the colliding worlds of techno and electro. We could try to formulate the feelings that this episode evokes, but words would do unjust. So we decided to keep this description as short as we should and advise you to pick up a good pair of headphones and surrender yourself to this deep, but wonderful universe. Enjoy!

Convert on Soundcloud
Convert on Facebook

maandag 25 november 2013

Episode #034 - Kid Machine

This week's mix has been made by one of the most badass detainees from the intergalactic space prison. Deathmetaldiscoclub is very proud to present to you this exclusive mix by Mark Wilkinson aka Kid Machine!

Mark has been producing in the 90's under the guise of Maruko, which was originally a house music project. He released the first Maruko release on his own label called Deluded Records in 2001. He also used to DJ under that name for years, but decided in 2006 that he wanted to venture into other ends of electronic music. He's focused on music production ever since.
Since 2007, Mark has been experimenting with various forms of electro/disco in his home studio, based in Wythenshawe, Manchester UK. He got a lot of inspiration from science-fiction and space-influenced music and realized that this was only the beginning of a new era for him, the Kid Machine was born. He released his first Kid Machine EP in 2009 on Sounds of the Suburbs, called Velours 77.
2012 proved to be an essential year for Mark. His Replicants EP on I-F's Viewlexx Records was a major hit in the Italo-Disco/Electro scene, and the vinyl has been a much sought-after product since the day of it's release. His tracks and demo's have been widely exposed to people all over the world through Flemming Dalum's legendary disco mixes and the Replicants EP and Flemming Dalum's support have triggered lots of labels showing interest in his work ever since. He's had big, epic releases on Flight Recorder and Red Laser Recordings from then on and we are really much looking forward to his debut album.
The Kid Machine debut album is called 'First Contact' and will be out on a double 12" inch release through Cyber Dance, somewhere early 2014. He's also got a follow-up to the highly succesful 'Space Consortium vol. 1' on Flight Recorder that he is working on right now and we are delighted to learn that Flemming Dalum and Casionova will be involved too again. He's got a whole bunch of killer tracks that he's working on besides that, deathmetaldiscoclub had the honor of test-driving some of his newest cuts, and we are super-excited about his newest works, consisting of a new kid machine sound, besides the classic one. So expect even more announcements from this man in the near-future.

For this mix, he delivered an epic journey through the Kid Machine universe, consisting of both original work and tracks by others. We couldn't be any more happier with the submission we got and we know you guys will absolutely dig this.
For now, fasten your seatbelts, close down your eyes, and enjoy this amazing 34rth episode of Deathmetaldiscoclub and don't forget to check out the links on Kid Machine we included below! Have a nice trip friends!

Kid Machine on Soundcloud
Kid Machine on Facebook
Kid Machine on Discogs.com


woensdag 13 november 2013

Intergalactic FM

Deathmetaldiscoclub is proud to announce it's official partnership with the amazing Intergalactic FM! Full catalog is now exclusively available through our IFM page.
Click the link down below to access our catalog at the best radiostation in the galaxy.


Episode #033 - De Pin Up Club

This week's guest is Josef van Galen as De Pin Up Club. A very talented sound designer and as down-to-earth as one can be. Josef has been DJ'ing for quite some time now. He used to be a lot into breakdance, early hiphop and electro back in the days when he lived in Delft. He also used to throw his own parties at places like Paard van Troje.
These days he focuses a lot on producing. He's based in Amsterdam right now and is currently manufacturing tracks under the name of De Pin Up Club. The name was taken from an old Dutch television show from the 80's, which was all about music video's and half-naked women running around like headless chicken. He's really got a sound that is pretty hard to categorize. It's disco, it's boogie, it's everything danceable with a really fresh touch of his own. His productions are super-crisp and he's got an amazing ear for great melody's and hooks and stimulating basslines. And the same can be said of his DJ sets.
He delivered an eclectic selection of tunes for this episode, with a nod to his earliest influences, combining them with his current taste in electronic music, while staying true to the sound of his most recent output as an artist himself. Things don't get much more deathmetaldiscoclub than this, and we're really, really sure that you guys are going to appreciate this episode.

He recently released his first EP called 'Go Funk Yourself' on Discobox Records from Mexico. His tracks are doing really well right now and we know that there's a lot more material he is working on at the moment. It's a bit too early to inform you about this right now, but things are going to get very exciting for him in 2014. More on that later.
For now, we wish you a pleasant time with this exclusive one-hour mix by De Pin Up Club and don't forget to visit the links below, this is one guy you should keep your eyes on! ENJOY!!!

De Pin Up Club on Facebook
De Pin Up Club on Soundcloud
'Go Funk Yourself' EP on Beatport.com

maandag 11 november 2013

Samanta Fox & Snuffo - Klaus You

Renate Schallplatten is the label of 'Salon Zur Wilden Renate', one of Berlin's most infamous clubs out there. Their 'La Paloma' release by Wareika was a real 2011 hit-single among the typical techhouse and deephouse DJ's, but their second single by Samanta Fox & Snuffo is from another galaxy.
The original mix of 'Klaus You' instantly reminds us of the acid house days. It's sound immediately reminds us of tracks by artists like Phuture and Juan Atkins' Cybotron. But leaning on a sound that has been fully developed before doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, when executed in a proper way. 'Klaus You' is one of those examples that real proper techno can still be alive. It's dark, gritty and the word 'filth' is just written all over it.
On remixing duty is Skatebård. The man behind Digitalo Enterprises. This guy from Norway ever gets things right. He always delivers something unique, while keeping the original vibe as intact as can be. This is one of the reasons why he's so in demand as a remixer and this remix is no exception from that. It's interesting to hear him play with such a creepy track, while keeping it so identical to the original version, it seems that Renate couldn't have made a better choice on remixing duties. Subtle remix, but ace for sure.

Renate Schallplatten is releasing 'Klaus You' on November 11th, so this single should be in your favourite record stores anytime soon. Make sure you're going to get this, because we're telling you, this one has every potential to be a serious classic. Vinyl only, samples below.

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)

Funn City - All Night People

Startree is a new label from New York by Metro Area's Darshan Jesrani. The project was announced more than two years ago by Morgan Geist through Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space Radio. We've been waiting on news ever since and we were really happy to find a promo of it's first debut single at the headquarters over the weekend.
Funn City's 'All Night People' is a ten-minute track full of good fun. This track really justifies the project's name. It's uplifiting, it's fast, it's optimistic and a wonderful ode to life and late 70's dance music. And the energy that comes with this tune is damn well infectious. It is exactly the kind of music we would expect from a label by the name of Startree.
The Disco version combines it's funky backing track with encouraging vocals and choirs, encouraging you to just get up and dance. It's simply irrestible, especially every time when that groovy bassline kicks in. It's Dub version is an instrumental version of the track, which is a really nice addition, as this composition is full of joy and playfulness.

Startree is going to release All Night People on December 2nd through Word and Sound distribution and should be available on black 12" inch vinyl only. Top track to close off an amazing year for disco music!

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)

woensdag 6 november 2013

Episode #032 - Melon

We are really honored to have another artist from our home turf again, Deathmetaldiscoclub is proud to present the sound of Jeroen Hofer aka Melon! Melon has been really active as a house DJ over the last decades, this guy truly is one of the finest ambassadors when it comes to the soulful sounds from the Dutch Westcoast..
He's played Cielo, he's played the Cookies Club. He has played the Panorama Bar and practically every renowned club worldwide and currently holds a residency at the infamous Trouw with his Ratio? evenings.

His Ratio? events started somewhere around 2006/2007, and he's hosted a succesful series of Ratio? evenings at the now defunct, but legendary Club 11. As the events stood the test of time, Trouw was a logical choice for it's 2nd run of events, introducing and inviting a lot of international acts like Doc Martin, Willie Graff, Soul Clap, Henrik Schwarz and Nicolaas Jaar.
It's success would eventually ignite him to release his own records through his own imprint, but also as Je Dàvu on labels like Bangbang! and Platzhirsch Schallplatten. Although it was a little bit quiet on the production side due to family extension, he did just release another single during the ADE called 'I'm Back' on Raw Meat, and the two-tracker is a total house/disco banger, definetly worth checking out!
Click here for Soundcloud link

We are also really happy to announce that Melon has some new cuts coming up in a near-future. First of all, he'll be releasing two remixes, one on Nuno Dos Santos' SoHaSo label, and one for an upcoming Eric D. Clark project for Hotel Shanghai.
He's also got an EP coming up on San Proper's already amazing Proper's Cult label and one on Tom Trago's Voyage Direct. Both to be distributed by Rush Hour. He also revealed that there are new Melon cuts in line for future Ratio? releases, so there's reason enough to keep an eye on this man.

For the Deathmetaldiscoclub series, he decided to deliver an exclusive early house mix. It's the perfect retrospective in celebration to 25 years of house music in Holland. He included a short message with his submission stating: 'Although some of these tracks were produced more than 25 years ago, I still find myself playing these tracks in clubs worldwide. No matter how hard people are trying to change the rules in house music nowadays, there's some kind of formula in these tracks that are essential to house music.'

With the closing of Trouw in mind (the temporary club is closing at the end of 2014), Melon promised us that he will be working on a big series of Ratio? events, to celebrate the existence of it's current base. We were really happy to find out that he's bringing one of our favourites over to Trouw for it's next event November 22nd, Eric Duncan!! This New York city-original is releasing a huge batch of monster jams right now, and we cannot even imagine what kind of dream team this will be. Definetly a must-go!

For event information, go to: www.facebook.com/events/427595990680399/
For now, enjoy these sounds from Melon and don't forget to check out the links below!

Ratio? on Soundcloud
Melon on Facebook
Melon's Official Website