woensdag 18 december 2013

Episode #038 - Akirahawks

Straight from the depths of the Lab.oratory. It's Akirahawks in the mix!

Akirahawks is a regular DJ in the Berlin scene. He's played practically every hotspot in the city, spreading thick sheets of intergalactic space funk over crowds in places like Tresor, the Panoramabar and the gritty rooms of About Blank. Most people outside of the German city don't know about him, as he likes to operate in the proper territories of the underground, but the real insiders know what this man is all about!
What people also don't know is that he is the man behind the brilliant House Mannequin imprint. Though it's catalog doesn't expand as fast as most labels do, it does have an excellent quality to it that is rare to find these days and although his releases are very limited, the label has enjoyed major support from true legends like Theo Parrish and Eric Duncan. It's releases are known for it's raw house and deep soulful disco sounds and are definetly reflective of Akira's taste and the kind of records he selects when he is playing out.

This deathmetaldiscomix is a perfect example of an Akirahawks set. With his eclectic taste and knowledge, you'll never know what he's up to next and we absolutely advise you to check him out once your visiting Berlin. He mostly plays party's with unannounced line-ups, but ask a few locals and they will probably know where he'll be spinning his amazing tunes over the weekend.
For now, enjoy this amazing new guest mix by Akirahawks and don't forget to check out the links below!

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