dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Episode #029 - Spaziale

'Spaziale - Why Must Good Things Come To An End' Mix

We are very honored to present you our next guest for the DMDC-series: Scott Hesselink from San Fransisco, California as Spaziale! Spaziale is one of our biggest finds on the web in the past few months (thank you Yakob Bakker) and his mixes are an absolute sensation when it comes to rare finds and exotic records. He is one of the deepest diggers we've discovered this year and it's a total delight to have him on the show this week, as he doesn't do guest mixes that very often.

Hesselink. Hence the name. One of the main reasons for him to do this mix is his ancestry. His parents were born in Amsterdam and decided to move to the United States in the 70's, so he feels there is a connection between him and the place where we reside.
His Porno Disco series have already gained a cult status among collectors and enthusiasts and he also unleashed a few themed-mixes in the past two years. They are the result of Scott's eternal quest towards forgotten gems from the golden era of funk, soul and disco and every mix he does has a very strong visual aesthetic.
This mix continues that steady course, but ofcourse in typical Deathmetaldisco-fashion, serving us a nice plate full of Disco, Funk, Electro, Rap, Gospel and Freestyle. It is truly a monster!

For more on Spaziale and the world of Scott Hesselink, check out the links below. We heard a few rumours about a Spaziale edits release somewhere in a near future.. He wanted to keep this as a surprise for now, so be sure to keep your eyes on him. ENJOY!!!

https://soundcloud.com/spaziale for Soundcloud
http://www.djspaziale.com/ for his personal website
http://www.discogs.com/user/vos for his Discogs.com account
https://www.facebook.com/djspaziale for his Facebook