donderdag 11 december 2014

Episode #068 - Kezokichi

Hot of the press. A fresh new mix by Balearic dinosaur and Blindetonation owner Kezokichi from Tokyo, Japan!

dinsdag 2 december 2014

Episode #067 - Hardway Bros

Following up on the Cannibal Ink mix is Sean Johnston from London, UK with an exclusive Hardway Bros autumnal guest mix. Famed for his extended back-to-back DJ sets with Andrew Weatherall during the A Love From Outer Space events, one might know what to expect.

It’s an incredible journey through outer space and we are positively sure all of you cosmonauts are going to love this.

donderdag 27 november 2014

Episode #066 - Cannibal Ink

Presenting you two hours of the freshest sounds in Indie Dance, Electro/Disco and deep Slo-Mo Techno’s, we thought this exclusive mix by the guys of Cannibal Ink would be the perfect opener to our new batch of Balearic DJ mixes.

donderdag 20 november 2014

Episode #065 - Handsome Thomas

Yes sir, a brand new mix full of brutal filth and toxic waste. This time we have got visual artist Handsome Thomas from the BAKK collective on mixing duties.

dinsdag 11 november 2014

Episode #064 - San Proper

Ouch.. He's back! The Ambassador. The Animal. Straight from the underground, it's DR. SAN PROPER behind the decks again!

maandag 10 november 2014

Episode #063 - David Vunk and Seutek

We are returning with another guest mix tomorrow, but we just had to release this crazy afterparty set by DAVID VUNK and Seutek. All killers, all vinyl. Recorded last saturday in one take. Enjoy !!

maandag 3 november 2014

Episode #062 - Credit 00

Hey it's Alexander Dorn aka Credit 00 on the show this week! Push play and experience the RAT LIFE !

donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Episode #061 - Viktor Palmer

Live and direct from the Wave Festival. We welcome back Mr. Viktor Palmer to the deathmetaldiscoclub guest mix series!

dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

Episode #060 - Scientific Dreamz of U

This week's mix is from Scientific Dreamz of U, a nodal point of positive energies which may be loosely described as the psychic projections of a gentle London-based experimental nanotechnologist.

woensdag 24 september 2014

Episode #059 - Albert X

It doesn't happen really often, that we consider a guest mix by a DJ or producer who's taste and style are heavily informed by modern deephouse and minimal techno. But for people like Albert X, we always like to make an exception.

dinsdag 2 september 2014

Episode #058 - NGLY

We are extremely honored to present to you our next guest mix by NGLY. The NGLY project is based somewhere in the northern parts of Berlin and has caused quite a stir in the underground community with it’s recent releases on CCCP and the ever-amazing L.I.E.S. recordings. It’s DIY, dynamic and leftfield approach to techno and house music and it’s distinctive sound immediately caught our attention as soon as we heard it- and have received lots of support from some of the greatest DJ’s around (like Mick Wills, I-F, and Lee Douglas, just to name a few).

Earlier this year, we got in contact with the man behind the NGLY project and offered him to do a guest mix for deathmetaldiscoclub to showcase some of the influences that have shaped the sound of NGLY. He thought the time was right to reveal a tiny bit of his own universe and the things where he is coming from- and since we offered him one hundred percent artistic freedom, it turned out to be an offer he couldn’t refuse.

donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Episode #057 - Mark Vandemaat

Our newest mix has been submitted by Mark Vandemaat. Mark is one of the founders of Knekelhuis, a collective from Amsterdam that hosts events, radio shows and more recently, has launched it’s very own booking agency and record label.
Since we see a lot of similarities between the Deathmetaldisco crew and the Knekelhuis crew, we invited Mark to represent the Knekelhuis sound as best as he could and the result shows absolutely no remorse. It’s bitter, it’s wild, extremely hazardous and dark.

woensdag 13 augustus 2014

Episode #056 - Gemini Brothers

This week we have a guest mix from another Balearic outfit. Gemini Brothers consists of Ionut and Razvan from Bucharest, Romania and they have been producing together for more or less two years now. They have been incorporating all sorts of styles into their work, ranging from dark and psychedelic disco to house, techno and even some bits of acid.
These guys appeared on our radar earlier this year, when they released a remix for Hiem on the amazing NANG records and were quite surprised by their very diverse sound. They have been sending us their demo's for quite some time now and we invited them to the series to showcase some of their work in progress and some of the stuff they personally love. This is the result.

woensdag 30 juli 2014

Episode #055 - Konstantin Timoshenko

We are really happy to present a new mix by Konstantin Timoshenko. Konstantin is a regular DJ in the Bulgarian disco scene and also the mastermind behind the KMTR project. Eight months ago, he did an KMTR mix for Deathmetaldiscoclub. That one got a whole lot of positive response, and since we enjoyed it so much, we decided to invite him once again to the guest mix series. Both parties agreed it would be cool to host something more personal this time, so this is why we are not calling it a KMTR mix. The result is once again, a super-danceable and cosmic disco mix that will definetly get you funkin' to the beat.

woensdag 16 juli 2014

Episode #054 - Thomas Knobben & Joey Zeelen

We've got two local talents from Amsterdam on the show this week. Joey Zeelen and Thomas Knobben have been playing records for about two years now. We meet them a lot during events in the city and since we have a lot of mutual interest when it comes to music, have grown into good friends of the Death crew over the past 12 months. These are two honest men with an honest sound who'd rather look the other way, instead of following the newest trends in electronic dance music.

woensdag 2 juli 2014

Episode #053 - Discotto

Darker vibes from the garden pool, we've got Discotto from London, UK in the mix! Discotto has been spreading his renegade soundwaves on the mighty Intergalactic FM for well over a year now. Whether it's soul, downtempo, italo or techno, this guy knows how to build a proper mix and his eclectic selections are always an absolute delight.
Discotto can be heard live mostly on saturday's, on IFM 5 - the Garden. And if you can't wait to hear more of his after this rocking session, there's plenty of storage mixes on his IFM playlist or directly from his Soundcloud page below. There's a lot of new music in there for you to discover, so we definetly advise you to check them out. For now, enjoy!!

woensdag 18 juni 2014

Episode #052 - Tronik Youth

Eclectic mixage from the southeast of the UK this week. We've got mister NEIN records himself - Mr. Neil Parnell from Canterbury, England in the mix. Neil has been on a major roll with his Tronik Youth project in the past 12 months. We first got to know him through Andrew Weatherall's visits to Amsterdam and we've also heard the Optimo guys play some of his records. Earlier this year, he had the honor of doing a mix for the Disko Selectors guys, which was quite amazing. Later, he got in contact with us and offered to do a mix for us, we just couldn't resist. This is the result, a relentless, tight, eclectic mix that really showcases all the sounds that influence him.

donderdag 5 juni 2014

Yør - Lack Of Beeing EP

DJ TLR's Creme Organization returns with a whole batch of new releases after the very succesful 'Innershades remix package'. First up, is this very destructive release by the mysterious Yør, who is, according to the press sheet, a Hamburgian Art School prodigy.

The 'Lack of Beeing' title track opens up with haunting pads that will go on for 5 minutes or so, before it's first bassdrum will kick in. Grainy percussion is layered on top of it's merciless 909 kick, that unveil it's filthy nature straight from the first kick and an amazing overdriven bassline takes that filth even way further. This track clocks in at almost 15 minutes, but it's full of balance, with Legowelt-like pads and harsh, distorted claps and enough variation in the composition to hold a crowd's attention, this will be a personal favourite of us for years to come.

The next two tracks continue very much in the same approach, with crazy, filtered and distorted basslines on 'Unbennant' and filthy, low-pass filtered pads on 'Torn'. While both tracks are absolutely mint, it is a bit of a shame that such genius has to suffer in length due to the limited runtime of the vinyl (they both end around the 3-minute mark).
It's closing track 'Apophis' however, is in a class of his own. It's housey/jackin' vibe is a very big contrast to the rude, indecent and muscular techno tracks that run before it. Such contrasts are always a bit risky on a 4-track compilation, but this track is very much welcome after the horrifying madness and we're sure this pumpin' slo-mo jam will find it's way into lots of DJ bags in the coming months.

The 'Lack of Beeing' EP will be released on June 9th, through the Godspill mailorder and we are sure it will find it's way into your favourite record shop not long after that. Pre-order now, cause this one's a winner!

LINK TO GODSPILL.NET (with audiosamples)

woensdag 4 juni 2014

Episode #051 - Alexander Robotnick

We are absolutely honored to present to you this exclusive mix by Maurizio Dami, aka Alexander Robotnick. A DJ/producer who earned himself a legendary status amongst electronic music and dance music enthusiasts. He's been at the forefront of disco/electro for over 30 years now and has released many, many classic singles that still get tons of airplay these days.
His most notable hit-single is the ever-effective 'Problemes d'Amour' from 1983, but over the years Maurizio really cemented his name in history as an ultra-diverse producer. Especially in the last ten years he proved himself a force to be reckoned with, releasing piles of electro monsters on labels like Crème Organization, Endless Flight and his own Hot Elephant Music imprint.

In this all-exclusive Robotnick mix, he showcases some of his finest works ever made, both released and unreleased. He melts them together in a way that only he is able to, and the result is an extremely tight mix that never ceases to amaze.

We want to thank Maurizio for all his efforts. It truly is an honor, since we are such big fans of his. If you'd like to find out more on Alexander Robotnick visit some of the links below and best of all, enjoy the show!

Alexander Robotnick on Soundcloud
Alexander Robotnick on
Alexander Robotnick on Resident Advisor

vrijdag 23 mei 2014

Episode #050 - Mick Wills

We've been puzzling for days to find the right DJ to represent deathmetaldiscoclub #050, our second milestone in the reboot of our guest mix series. Eventually we could call only one name that would satisfy all of our members needs and tastes and represent the deathmetaldiscoclub aesthetic in a perfect way. His name is Mick Wills. He was happy to indulge and we are extremely excited that time has finally arrived for you to check out the result. This really is a perfect fit!

Mick Wills has been one of DJ Hell's Gigolo Records greatest stalwarts for years and he's also an important representative of Traxx's legendary Nation. And there is great reason for this. Mick is one of those very few artists that has always stayed true to his taste. He is absolutely one of the hardest working music diggers in the industry. His selecting skills are truly one of a kind and the combination of his knowledge and technique result into extremely explosive dj sets. Whether it's techno, wave, chicago or italo, he is able to blend it all together into one very consistent story. In fact, Mick is the definition of consistent. He will always give his 200% when it comes to music.
The same goes for his productions, he's been gradually releasing since 2001 (on labels like Tabernacle, Gigolo International, phil e and Minimal Rome). He'd rather release something of amazing quality, than having thirty singles out there that are mediocre. He is not the guy that you'll find on the cover of Mixmag and maybe it is for the better. Because one thing is certain, when it comes music, every choice Mick makes is carefully considered.

Mick Wills has just released a furious remix on Uncanny Valley's Rat Life records and he's also got an amazing new remix for Andreas Gehm's Elec pt. 1 project coming out on Signals. That one could hit the market anytime now.
For now, enjoy his deathmetaldiscoclub #050 anniversary DJ mix and don't forget to check out some of the links below!

Mick Wills on Soundcloud
Mick Wills on RA
Mick Wills on

woensdag 7 mei 2014

Episode #049 - Rude 66

Oh yes. We've got one of Bunker's most prolific producers and executioners on the show this week. It's Rude 66 in the mix!!
Rude (real name: Ruud Lekx) has been making a big name for himself since the early 90's with his dark and raw signature sound. From acid techno to brutal electro and even weird space age electronica, his sound played an important part in the development of the Sound of the Dutch Westcoast. Ruud always stayed true to natural aesthetic of his trademark Bunker sound and this also brought him to release on such notorious labels like I-F's Viewlexx, his own Vynalogue, Acid Planet and DJ TLR's Crème Organization since the early 00's. What a lot of people are not aware of, is that he is also an avid vinyl collector and a superhuman selector.

We've been loyal listeners of his Cosmic Overdrive show on Intergalactic FM for quite some time now. Every monday evening, he hosts his show directly from his 666 lounge, playing all kinds of good music. From Velvet Underground specials, to amazing krautrock and wave sessions, there is a lot to be learned from a man with his knowledge. He's been such an important inspiration to us in recent times, that we just had to invite him to the show and present him to our audience in return. And what a treat it has become!

This exclusive mix is called 'the corners of the grey room' and covers many, many kinds of territories. We could try to describe the mix any further, but it would simply do unjust. It's one hell of a journey that one has to experience all by himself. So without any further ado, we'd like to introduce you to the world of one of our most favorite honest selectors of this very moment: the world of Rude 66. Enjoy!!

Rude 66 on Soundcloud
Rude 66 on
Rude 66 on Intergalactic FM

woensdag 23 april 2014

Episode #048 - Eindbaas

That's right. We' ve got De Eindbaas serving the good shit again, this week. Showing you all why he is running shit in his hood and his city!

Eindbaas (which is Dutch for end boss) was co-responsible for the launch of the original Deathmetaldiscoclub in early 2009. Between it's original format and the 2013 reboot, he devoted his time to honing his skills and slaughtering many, many dance floors. His superpower is his ability to handle to any type of crowd. After all, an end boss is usually significantly superior to regular enemies. And just when you thought you had found the right track, Eindbaas has instantly a more effective one at hand.

You can always try to top this guy, but remember, at the end of the day he'll be the one who will be stacking all the money! Enjoy.

woensdag 9 april 2014

Episode #047 - Ric Piccolo

Next in line is one of Argentinia's most dedicated crate diggers! We'd like to welcome Ricardo Piccolo from Buenos Aires to our family.
Ricardo is a DJ/producer who likes to spend his time in record stores, flea markets and record faires, when not working on his music. Besides the typical nu-disco and house, he maintains a very strong focus on 70's raregroove and experimental music.
He's also toured a lot through Argentinia and Europe extensively and he's got another tour coming up in Europe through this summer. He's also got a monster of a first release out on Bordello a Parigi, aptly named 'Austral Works vol.1', which should be out right now. It's limited to 250 copy's and rumour has it that they are working on vol.2, which should be out not too long from now.
His Pampas Disco Shock and Pampas Porno Shock mixes are quite notorious and he kindly offered us to host the next mix in the Porno Shock Series. Again, he's crossing many borders with this one, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

We'd like to thank Ricardo for this amazing DJ set and hope you'll enjoy this one as much as we do! For more on Ricardo Piccolo visit the links below!

Ricardo Piccolo on Soundcloud
Ricardo Piccolo on

dinsdag 1 april 2014

Nick Mackrory ft. Harry Collier

After the success of the 'Tatooine Moons' release last month, Forgotten Corner records already returns with it's third physical single containing the 'Lucky Charms' track by Forgotten Corner artist Nick Mackrory.
The track has been played for some time now, by artists like Joe's Bakery and Nancy Noise, so it might be familiar to some people. It's vocals by Harry Collier are instantly recognizable and are interwoven with some wonderfull, clever bass patterns on top of it. It has an amazing live feeling and bursts out in an epic synth jam, full of rich textures.

Realizing the vocals just might not be for everyone, the label included a 'forgotten dub' version of the track. A clever move, as it has been championed by many great DJ's in the Balearic fields, but also beyond. Some of you might remember this one from Disko Selector's exclusive deathmetaldiscoclub mix, it also received attention by guys like Craig Bratley and some of you dutchies probably heard Rogér play this one too. It has every potential to become a instant hit and we are very happy to see this finally hit the record stores on wax.

Forgotten Corner is releasing the 'Lucky Charms EP' around April 1st, so this should be out by now. Keep track on this through your favourite stores as it will be a limited to 300 copy's.
It comes in hand screen printed inserts on heavy vinyl. Link below!

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)

woensdag 26 maart 2014

Episode #046 - Ele Mikelø

We are really happy to welcome Ele Mikelø from Zafra, Spain to the family. We first got to know him through his amazing DJ sets for his Series Disko! mix, run by our good friends from the Disko Selectors. Ele can easily be heralded as one of Spain's most promising DJ acts to operate in the national Balearic scene. In most cases, people think of 'chill-out' when they hear the term Balearic, but the genre cannot be informed as an actual genre. It's a way of blending and doing things. And Ele is a great ambassador for presenting this, often playing that typical kind of slow-burning music with a dark and cosmic overtone.

This was the main reason for inviting him and we are extremely happy with the result. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ele Mikelø. Enjoy!

Ele Mikelø on Soundcloud

woensdag 19 maart 2014

Episode #045 - Celestial Terrestrial

From the Rotterdam flight facility directly into the cosmos, between the stars and directly back to earth. We've got Celestial Terrestrial representing the Amsterdam-Rotterdam connection.
The Club von Westen residents certainly pushed theirselves way beyond human limits for this one. Happy journey, you space travellers!

Celestial Terrestrial on Soundcloud
Celestial Terrestrial on Facebook

dinsdag 11 maart 2014

Episode #044 - Hysteric

We are kicking off the coming season with an exceptionally great mix by Melbourne's George Hysteric, also know as the Mothball Records boss. He is pretty much a legend to italo insiders, but this time he doesn't restrict himself only to the genre.
Lots and lots of different amazing sounds, showing you that there is more to him when it comes to music. Definetly a must-hear! Enjoy friends!!

For more on Hysteric, please visit his Soundcloud.

vrijdag 14 februari 2014

Episode #043 - Emile Strunz

Part two of the Flight Recorder special was made by a returning guest. Last year, Emile Strunz submitted an epic, dark, electronic body music mix that certainly left an impression on a lot of people. This time Emile decided to submit something that was completely the opposite.
The main theme of this mix is love. He mixes some of the typical classics with a lot of obscure choices and it is completely dedicated to February the 14th: Valentine's Day. He even wrote a short essay about it in his very own cynical way (you can find that in the Soundcloud mix info, link below).

Let Dr. Strunz take you on a emotional ride full of passion, lust and obsession. This is Dr. Strunz's official 'Mysteries of Love' mix. Enjoy!

dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Flight Recorder Special

Flight Recorder from Newcastle UK is a label that has been featured a lot on our blog and our guest mixes as well. A special with a strong focus on the label was inevitable, so eventually we reached out to Mick (Iron Blu), the label owner himself, for an exclusive mix and some information about the direction of the enigmatic imprint.

Flight Recorder had some seriously succesful releases in the past. It's original output has been supported by all kinds of selectors worldwide- from Jennifer Cardini and the Mutant Disco Radio Show, to Axis DJ's like Sean Johnston and Intergalactic FM associates like I-F, Casionova and Flemming Dalum, it's slow-driven proper space-age electronica have proved to be multifunctional in all kinds of directions. Since we have covered a lot of them in the past, we are going to focus on what will be coming your way in the coming months.

We were delighted to learn that the amazing Alessandro Parisi is next in line for the wax series. The Minimal Rome artist will be teaming up with Adamennon for two collaborative tracks and both have delivered one solo track. Mick assured us that this will be a great addition to the stalwart sound of the Italian producers.
We also received some hints about the follow-up to Space Consortium, the amazing electro package that came out last year. We are truly happy to reveal that Kid Machine and Casionova are both coming back on volume 2 and that Flemming Dalum will be doing remix duties once again. What's even better, they even have a volume 3 they are working on with the same line-up! The three volumes will eventually form a complete package in the colors of the Italian flag, making it essential collectors items.

We learnt that Mick has teamed up with James Todd (formerly of Global Underground) as well, who are officially co-running Flight Recorder together now. They even gave us a slight hint about some plans for a side-label, so that´s a great promise for Flight Recorder going full-on in the coming year since it´s a two-man spaceship now!

Last but not least, Mick promised us that Emile Strunz´s follow-up to his North Sea Body Music release is in the works and is currently on top of the priority list, so that is something we are very excited about too. To complement that news, Emile has delivered another exclusive mix for deathmetaldiscoclub as well, which will be out on February 14th, so that makes this another 2-part special!

If you aren't familiar with their current discography yet, you probably want to visit the label's Bandcamp. There's plenty of magic in there that will get you going. If you are, check out the deathmetaldiscomix Mick did. It's full of forthcoming Flight Recorder and unreleased works by friends and associates. If you are following this blog, you are definetly going to like this!

It looks like the Parisi record will be out somewhere around May, but we´d advise you to start following all the links down below, because you absolutely don´t want to miss out on the pre-orders. Enjoy.

Flight Recorder on
Flight Recorder on
Flight Recorder on

Cliff Lothar - Skudge White

Finally, Cliff Lothar returns with his much-anticipated new 12" inch after the highly succesful Viewlexx debut. This guy is actually just one of a few who are able to twist the techno genre into something entirely of his own.
We can try to describe and rate every track and name our favourites etc... But you'll just have to click on the preview down below and order this extroardinary piece of wax as soon as you can because this one is going to sell out mega-fast!!

We're just here to say:

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

woensdag 29 januari 2014

Episode #041 - Dynatron

This episode is a guest mix from Jeppe Hasseriis, the Danish space traveller from Copenhagen who is better known as the producer of Dynatron.
When it comes to 80's/electro/synthwave tunes, Dynatron is probably one of our most favourite acts we have discovered so far and Jeppe kindly agreed to make us a mix when we asked him about the sounds that inspired and triggered him to produce such awesome music himself. He never worked on such a project before, but we were absolutely sure he could deliver such an amazing story like this one turned out to be. Loads of proper nostalgia on this one people, enjoy!!

Dynatron on Soundcloud
Dynatron on Facebook
Dynatron on Bandcamp

dinsdag 28 januari 2014

VA - Prologue Portefeuille 3

The German techno label Prologue has been releasing quality music since their very first release. Focusing on quality rather than on hit potential, they always make us eagerly anticipate every release. Coming up is the third ep in their Prologue Portefeuille series, showcasing three new names from the label’s impressive roster.
The opening track is by Etapp Kyle, an Ukrainian producer/dj who focuses on a somewhat subdued form of techno in ‘Lotos’. The track has an eerie feeling to it, caused by the ambient sounds surrounding the beats, that seem to be held back a bit. An undertow of brooding sensuality gives ‘Lotos’ a sense of mystery that is hard to get away from.

The follow-up track on the A side is ‘Ionization’ by Mod 21, an Italian producer who so far is cloaked in mystery, although this monster of a track might soon propel him to the fore of the techno scene. A modular and ever increasing pulsating throb is steering this track forward till the end, by which time the listener has no idea anymore where he or she is coming from or going to.

The closing track (side B) is probably the strangest one on this ep. Artefakt, a Dutch duo consisting of Robin Koek and Nick Lapien, seem to cater to both ends of the techno spectrum in ‘Twilit’. The bass ne the one hand and an extremely dry snare on the other start closing in on each other and slowly end up filling another up, resulting in quite a funky track. Albeit a funk that is drenched in hypnotism, one of Prologue’s trademarks. A Class A release!

Prologue is releasing the EP on vinyl on the 3rd of February 2014 through Word and Sound distribution and will be available digitally on the 17th of February 2014.

maandag 20 januari 2014

Rogér mixes Series Disko! Nº39

Deathmetaldiscoclub´s Rogér has delivered the next instalment of the Series Disko, ran by our good friends from the Disko Selectors. It´s a perfect example of his skills as a selector, again showcasing the width of his palette. This is a a must-hear for all you electronic lovers out there!!!

dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Antoni Maiovvi - Monoceroticism EP

Flight Recorder, the enigmatic label from Newcastle, returns in full force this month with the release of a new monster ep by none other than Antoni Maiovvi. The British producer is the founder of the Giallo Disco label, with which he aims to deliver 'horror disco' to the world. According to the label itself, horror disco is "an amalgamated genre taking influence from Progressive Synth, Disco, Italo, Electro, EBM, New Beat, House, Techno and the Film Soundtracks of the 70s and 80s." In other words: far fucking out.

Maiovvi's latest effort on Flight Recorder is called 'Monoceroticism' -an ep comprised of four tracks in which he showcases a musical journey through time and the multiverse. Maiovvi kicks off this 4-tracker with an euphoric track called 'Cold Confession'. It remains unclear what exactly is being confessed, but it sure seems to result in exultation and the feeling of being reborn in a smile. What follows is 'The King of Trash'. This track is a weirded out mixture between minimal elektro and chilled out disco and puts us in the most relaxed waiting room right before we take off with the next track. 'Black Flowers' sounds a bit more menacing, as if it urges the listener to move beyond the mundane, to look further. The traveling begins here earnestly and is taken to the next step in closing track 'The Unspeakable Void'. This song sounds as if ghouls are dancing in an interstellar wormhole, functioning as a bridge between our universe and other galaxies. Gregorian chanting performed by alien life forms -Maiovvi here shows to be a master of horror disco indeed.

Flight Recorder is has released the Monoceroticism EP on the 13th of January 2014 through dnp-music on 12" inch black vinyl and is limited to a 250 pieces.

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)

woensdag 8 januari 2014

Episode #040 - Lupe

This week we have Lupe Lambers from Amsterdam on the deathmetal guest series. Lupe kindly offered us to host this witchtape that he made. This is full-on classic disco all the way, both the obscure and the classics in a tightly knotted mix, showing you he rules both the darker and lighter sides of disco magic. Enjoy!