donderdag 26 december 2013

Episode #039 - Starion

This week we have Red Laser's Starion in the mix, combining all kinds of wave/italo/techno/electro into one hell of a badass electronic mix. Top futuristic action from Manchester, UK. Enjoy!!!

Starion on Soundcloud
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woensdag 18 december 2013

Episode #038 - Akirahawks

Straight from the depths of the Lab.oratory. It's Akirahawks in the mix!

Akirahawks is a regular DJ in the Berlin scene. He's played practically every hotspot in the city, spreading thick sheets of intergalactic space funk over crowds in places like Tresor, the Panoramabar and the gritty rooms of About Blank. Most people outside of the German city don't know about him, as he likes to operate in the proper territories of the underground, but the real insiders know what this man is all about!
What people also don't know is that he is the man behind the brilliant House Mannequin imprint. Though it's catalog doesn't expand as fast as most labels do, it does have an excellent quality to it that is rare to find these days and although his releases are very limited, the label has enjoyed major support from true legends like Theo Parrish and Eric Duncan. It's releases are known for it's raw house and deep soulful disco sounds and are definetly reflective of Akira's taste and the kind of records he selects when he is playing out.

This deathmetaldiscomix is a perfect example of an Akirahawks set. With his eclectic taste and knowledge, you'll never know what he's up to next and we absolutely advise you to check him out once your visiting Berlin. He mostly plays party's with unannounced line-ups, but ask a few locals and they will probably know where he'll be spinning his amazing tunes over the weekend.
For now, enjoy this amazing new guest mix by Akirahawks and don't forget to check out the links below!

Akirahawks on Resident Advisor
House Mannequin on
House Mannequin on Facebook

woensdag 11 december 2013

Episode #037 - Flemming Dalum

HE'S BACK! The boss. The king of the cut. Flemming Dalum, the commander of the beat. And we are damn well happy about it! Flemming's previous mix for deathmetaldiscoclub really proved to be a turning point in the reboot of our mix series, we had a lot of amazing response to his exclusive mix and we still do every day, so we couldn't help but say 'yes' once he offered us to do another one. And boy, is he back with a vengeance!!
For this exclusive mix Flemming decided to revisit the unusual part of his mind-boggling record collection. Many people are not aware of the fact that he was a dedicated techno collector in the hey-days of the genre. Flemming has ALL techno records from the '88-'94 techno era and we were really curious to what a Flemming Dalum techno mix would sound like. He did a few short techno mixes for the Cybernetic Broadcasting System/Intergalactic FM, but never really explored the genre to it's fullest. Well, here you go.
Ofcourse he wasn't able to go through all of his techno records for this, but we are absolutely grateful for opening another door to his universe. The result is absolutely relentless. This is techno with a capital T. A brave step for a man who operates in such specific territories, but he's gone way deeper than most techno dj's would dare to nowadays. It is hard, tight and raw as fuck. But with that oldschool human element to it, proving once again that he understands groove and ambiance like no other.

Flemming has just released a new remix on the amazing Disco Modernism for the previously unreleased 'Leave me alone' track by Atelier Folie. He's also got a new remix coming out on the next Red Laser Records EP and there's a ton of other productions and mixes he is working on right now. So keep an eye on the channels that are linked below if you want to know all about his future projects.
For now, HUGH respect to Flemming Dalum, as this is something not every DJ would agree to do. And most importantly, enjoy this absolute monster of a mix!! No tracklist this time!!

Flemming Dalum on Soundcloud
Flemming Dalum on Discogs
Deathmetaldiscoclub #007 by Flemming Dalum

dinsdag 10 december 2013

The Clover - Processes

The Clover is an awesome electronic project from Italy, consisting of Antonio Pecori, Stefano Meucci and Andrea Giachetti. This wonderful trio of musicians first appeared under our radar through San Proper, who included the amazing 'Voices' collaboration in his deathmetaldisco-mix earlier this year. We were really happy to find a promotional package in our mailbox last week, which included their upcoming debut album on Bosconi Records called "Processes".

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to The Clover, is the live-feel of this band's music. There's a certain playfulness to their take on electronic music that really stands out. It really feels like all their tracks are polished live jams, and you can totally hear that they explored all the possibilities before arranging their tracks into their final form. Processes is no exception from that. This album is probably the freshest album in house music we have heard this year. Combining a free-jazz attitude with proper synth psychedelia has resulted in an amazing collection of tracks which are really hard to compare to eachother. Both in attitude and mood.
Though some tracks are not for everyone, we can definetly imagine a handful of DJ's right away who are able to work these tracks into their sets. Some of them are really deep and experimental like "The Black Hole" or "Break 4 Luck" (again with San Proper), while tracks like "The Gash" or "Phoenix" are definetly danceable. Subtly triggering lots of impulses with their experimental sides and the carefully programmed beats and bass. There's a lot of detail in the combination of the two, which adds a lot of human element in them. Ofcourse we can only applaud to the adventurous side that this record contains. It's really complex, but it's records like these that will continuously start to grow on you after every rotation and that will be hailed upon in years to come for their timeless quality.

Bosconi is going to release "Processes" on December 15th, with 10 tracks on the CD format and there's a digital release planned for December 21st, which has three exclusive tracks that come with it. Essential record for the hardcore psychonauts. Samples below!

LINK TO JUNODOWNLOAD.COM (with audiosamples)

donderdag 5 december 2013

Episode #036 - Marcel Vogel

We've got Marcel Vogel on the decks this week, and the Germanian disco don really stretched his disco muscle this time. Providing us with a 2 hour monster set full of classic disco cuts and edits.

Marcel is the mastermind behind Lumberjacks in Hell and Intimate friends, which are widely known for their really diverse output. These imprints are definetly your thing when you are really into the disco edit/chicago house. Since 2010, he has released records by people like Rayko, Rahaan, Traxx, NY AK and himself, and the imprints have really earned their global support from day one.
As a DJ, Marcel started promoting/playing events in Germany. He had a major success with his Legacy events in Berlin from 2003 to 2007, but decided to move to Amsterdam in 2010, which proved to be the right move. The city has welcomed his persona with open arms and it also served as an important hub for his international carreer. Travelling the whole wide world himself and bringing over some of his biggest friends in disco music, friends like Hunee and Rahaan.

Marcel is currently playing a monster tour through the United States of America, but ofcourse his Lumberjacks in Hell aren't sitting still! The label should have another monster release by Al Kent in stores by now. The 'Yes I Do/Can't Stop' single is a perfect example for the sound of both Marcel himself and the Lumberjacks/Intimate Friends sound, so go check that out at your regular store.

But now that you're at it, we advise you to check out this mad, mad disco mix. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do and don't forget to check out the links on Marcel and his work down below! Enjoy.

Marcel Vogel on Soundcloud
Marcel Vogel on Facebook
Lumberjacks in Hell on Facebook
Intimate Friends on Facebook

dinsdag 3 december 2013

KMTR - Disco Spectrum vol. 1

Do you remember that awesome guest mix that Konstantin Timoshenko did for us a few weeks ago? The response has been absolutely fantastic to that particular mix. There's two tracks in there that most of you people have been asking us for identification.
Well, we are really happy to tell you that both of these tracks have been included in his first disco edits release! We are talking about the 'Disco Spectrom volume one' on Kidnap Records from Amsterdam. It's officialy out today on digital formats through all major digital record stores, and we couldn't be any more pleased with such a fine first release for this Khazakstanian disco madman! We could tell you about the tracks and name our favourite and stuff, but this is an all-killer no-filler disco boogie release and we just want to advise you to check this one out while it's still hot. So go get it. Now!

Kidnap Records has released Disco Spectrum vol. 1 on December 2nd and is available now through all your favourite digital records stores. Juno, iTunes, Beatport etc.

LINK TO JUNODOWNLOAD.COM (with audiosamples)