donderdag 31 januari 2013

Episode #003 - the Self

For our third episode we received an epic mix done by the Self. This set covers so much ground, leaving us simply loss for words. Words would do unjust. This ain't your average mix. This is an experience. Enjoy!

DeathMetalDiscoClub #003 - the Self by Deathmetaldiscoclub on Mixcloud

woensdag 16 januari 2013

Episode #002 - Kalidasa

Today we have Kalidasa on the show, a project by Tim Rivers. Tim Rivers is a DJ/producer from the UK who has been building quite a name since late 2011 with his exciting blend of Disco/Balearic/House sound. He is also the founder of the website, always an interesting read, which we've been following for quite a few years now. We are very honoured to have him on the show and we asked him some questions in advance. Enjoy!

In 2011, you did an excellent split EP together with Timothy J. Fairplay for the World Unknown imprint. How did that come about?

It was at about the same time that I had hosted a mix for World Unknown on blog. I had been in dialogue with Andy Blake and we had chatted about the coincidence, when I had discovered by synchronicity Gatto Fritto; an artist that Andy had put out on his Dissident label; was a friend of mine from the ‘old days’. I went on to tell Andy that it was Gatto’s “Hungry Ghost” track that inspired me to buy a bass guitar, wipe the dust of my lead guitar and start recording. I got a reply from Andy, asking me to send in a clip of what I was working on, so I sent in two tracks a 120bpm acid house track and a 105bpm unfinished version of Bursting Through, explaining that I was more of a doodler and had never finished a track in my life. I got a surprise email back from Andy, whom told me that Joe and himself were starting a new label and said that Bursting Through was exactly the type of thing they were looking, and if I would be interested in letting them release it if I got it finished, that was enough motivation right there to get it completed, and that is how it came about. The World Unknown label have so far always put two artists on each release, I was very happy to be sharing the release with Timothy J Fairplay, I have a lot of respect for his work, he puts out some great music.

Your Bursting Through track has been a big one for us, but recently got licensed by Andy Weatherall for the Ministry of Sound mix he did.That must be quite the exposure! Did you notice any increase of interest by labels and promoters since then?

I feel very privileged that Andrew selected this track for his Master Piece compilation, unexpected, and more than I could have hoped for. Since the record was released there has been steady interest, and I am already working with some of these labels.

Your productions contain a lot of elements from a lot of different styles. Could you tell us a bit more about your influences?

Yes of course, I guess I have always had a broad taste in music. Growing up as a kid I was buying Electro Streetsound compilations, Synth pop and the like. And as a young skateboarder I was into bands with heavy guitar sounds, like The Stupids, The Cult and The Cramps. I played guitar (badly) in a school band called The Moondogs, we would listen to lots of music from the 50’s and 60’s mostly mainstream things like The Beatles, The Monkees, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly etc. I then started to discover more psychedelic bands like Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles and I turned into a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix. Acid House obviously influenced me, around that time I developed a love for the early European techno lables such as R&S, Music Man and Beat Box. I would find myself religiously listening too & recording the Colin Dale and Colin Faver shows on Kiss FM, and at weekends finding myself in some dank squat party or traveller site. Over the last decade or so I continue to explore many different sounds such as Afro beat, Kraut Rock, Blues, Industrial and most things Psychedelic. A few years back I studied Hypnosis and the varying states of trance that one enters; I try and include an element of inducing this within productions. My productions tend to have live guitars, bongos, synths and some 303 action, sub consciously influenced by what I have listened to over the years.

It seems that disco music has had some kind of a resurgence in 2012. What are your thoughts on this one?

Ha, well I am probably not the most informed person to ask this question, I am not one to keep up with current trends,  from my own experience I cannot say I have noticed a resurgence in 2012, but maybe it passed me by, which is easily done. In Brighton, where I am based there was quite a bit of interest in disco music between 2008-2011, I would say it has become maybe less played in 2012 in the city now, but there are still nights like Kinfolk that play it, probably more of the leftfield variety, among many other styles of music. I have noticed some excellent disco sounding releases this year, Justin V’s remix of Soft Rocks Talking Jungle has been huge. I think we are living in a time where we have access to music at our finger tips now, it is so easily accessible, I would say all music from the past has had a resurgence, thanks to the accessibility the internet provides in general.

Through Soundcloud, you recently submitted the Molly Cule track, which sounds really promising. What can we expect from Kalidasa in the near-future?

You can expect a remix I have done for Franz Underwear on Tusk Wax that will be in the shops very soon (I think sometime in Feb), and I am also working with the same label on an EP. There will be a release this year by the summer if all goes well on Craig Bratley’s new label Magic Feet. There are also some new tracks I am working on at the moment. The last few months I have been busy with a new project “The Centaurs”, a production/dj duo with Gordon Kaye that we started in November 2012, and have recently done remixes for Public Service Broadcasting and 254, with some more in the pipeline. There is of course the continuation of the Kinfolk Parties in Brighton that I do with Soft Rocks and Easy Jim, where every couple of months we put on an intimate basement party, which are always great fun, Feb’s edition sees Phil Mison joining us, and a surprise DJ from Body and Soul.

The mix you've sent us covers a lot of grounds. Could you tell us a bit more about the mix you've sent us?

Not sure what to say on this, there are guitars, bongos and some squelchy acid moments. It is not meant to be a club mix, it is a selection of music you can listen too off the dance floor as well as on, works well on a long drive, it is quite laid back chugging along from 100-115bpm.

woensdag 2 januari 2013

Episode #001 - Nash

Today we launch our new podcast series with a live recording by Nash! Nash is a Greek-born DJ, who is currently based in Amsterdam. Nash is the kind of DJ where you don't know what you'll get. His styles ranges from techno, to house, to disco and everything in between. He's played on the same bill with people like Perc and Speedy J and is currently making a name for himself. Be sure to check him out when you get the chance!