vrijdag 27 september 2013

Episode #028 - Rothmans

We have Mr. Rothman in the mix this week. Mr. Rothman is the mysterious character from the UK who runs the amazing Rothmans label, a label that is based on the collectible football cards from the 70's. Every release they do is dedicated to one of the classic football players from the 70's/early 80's era. And we are happy to host this mix, dedicated to their next release, which will hit the stores somewhere around september 30th!

Rothmans fourth single is dedicated to Claudio Gentile, the infamous Italian Juventus defender who ran a succesful international career in that bygone era. The fourth release includes original tracks by two Deathmetal-affiliates, namely Ali Renault and Iron Blu from Flight Recorder. Next to those, the release also hosts a track by Posthuman and a Felix Dickinson rework of Cage & Aviary track. Sublime stuff again, and we definetly advise you to check the previews at the link below!

For now, enjoy this mix by Mr. Rothman himself and don't forget to follow him on Soundcloud or Facebook, if you'd like to keep informed on all his actions work!

The Claudio Gentile release on Soundcloud

Rothmans on Soundcloud
Rothmans on Facebook

woensdag 25 september 2013

Clement Meyer - Modern Primitivism

Parisian techno-label Get The Curse returns with it's third single this year and it's Clement Meyer who serves the label's fifteenth release to the public.
The Modern Primitivism EP is a bit of an oddball. But it's a fascinating one. The 4-tracker is hard to categorize, with every track clocking in at a different tempo, but the three original tracks here do have one thing in common: they draw heavily on weird percussion. They walk a thin line between electro and techno and although they are not for everyone, they make great DJ tools for the expert DJ's.
The remix on this EP comes from Lumigraph and this is a hard one. It combines really agressive electronics with reverberated snare drums and steady 909 drums. A dangerous remix and a risky release, but certainly appreciated over here. We can definetly imagine this being played in dark places like Berghain or the underground Rotterdam/The Hague scene. Favourite track on this is probably the A2 track called 'Red Band Trailer'.

Get The Curse will release the Modern Primitivism on 300 black vinyl pressings around the 14th of october and they've handed over distribution duties to Syncrophone Paris.

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

maandag 16 september 2013

VA - Red Laser Records 003

Manchester's Red Laser Records has been making quite a name over the last period of time. Besides hosting their headstrong events in the UK, the italo disco/electro label is going to launch it's third EP pretty soon.
The 4-tracker EP opens up with the Flemming Dalum & Il Bosco collaboration called 'Manctalo'. The track has been making quite a  furore on the web lately and it's great to learn that it finally gets pressed on wax now. Second track on the A-side is another epic space ride from Kid Machine. Big percussive sounds and fantastic sound design on this one.
The B-side opens with a new track by Starion, who's also included in the other two EP's from the label's main samplers. The Night Flanger track fits in really well again with this EP and is said to be the soundtrack of a futuristic film about a pimpin' robot. We feel you, Starion!
Last track by Il Bosco is probably the weird kid on the block. It's not exactly italo/electro like the other tracks, but it's one hell of a futuristisc electro boogie jam. Funky stuff, indeed! The whole EP consists of tracks that we will definetly play for a long, long time and that's what makes this release an essential one.

Red Laser Records will release Red Laser 003 somewhere around the 26th of September through Clone Distribution. It's pressed on red vinyl and comes with the typical 80's Red Laser Artwork. Limited to 300 pieces and no digitals, so make sure you set a reminder on this one. Samples below!

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)

woensdag 11 september 2013

Episode #027 - Jules de la Courgette

Next in line for the Deathmetaldisco series is Jules Timmers, AKA Jules de la Courgette. As a DJ Jules is quite a regularin the Amsterdam scene. He's played practically every venue in the capitol city and also plays a lot of back-to-back sessions with like-minded colleagues of him. He's quite a character and quickly made a name for himself with his funky, soulful eclecticism. He is a DJ's DJ. From disco to techno, from soul or hip hop to pitched up drum and bass... Whatever the gig, this guy is your man. He is a real cratedigger and this mix is a perfect example of his selecting skills.

Between travelling from gig to gig, Jules has found himself some time to produce beats. Together with his buddy Abel Minnee he started producing recently under the Fred Ricus monniker and their fresh Soundcloud page presents some amazing stuff already. Definetly something to watch!

As a DJ himself, you just have to check out Jules de la Courgette. He'll play Doka Amsterdam together with Elias Mazian on September 11th.
He's also playing Toren Overhoeks together with former DMDC-guest Eindbaas on September 20th, they've played together like a hundred times before and they're just a brilliant pair.

Don't forget to check out the related links below and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this crazy 2,5 hour mix. This is all about having a party. This is Jules de la Courgette!!


dinsdag 10 september 2013

VA - Musik For Autobahns Sampler

Amsterdam's Rush Hour has released the Musik For Autobahns album earlier this year, a compilation that was compiled by Gerd Janson which had popular and less popular acts showcasing their "more contemporary" personalities. Now, they are about to release a sampler dedicated to that release.
The sampler contains five tracks from artists like Acoustic High-End Research, Osborne and Suzanna Kraft. Although not exclusive tracks (they were all included in the comp.), they do feel like the best tracks in retrospect.

In our honest oppinion, the sampler is nothing more than a 'best of' of the compilation, but it's a great release for those who don't want to spend their money on the full release. And to be truthful, Young Marco's 'In The Wind' still feels as mesmerizing as it did before! It is most definetly a great weapon to the ones who like to ride the more edgier sides of electronic music.

'Musik for Autobahns' will be released by Rush Hour somewhere in the month September on black 12" inch vinyl. An exact release dat hasn't been announced but it should be out anytime soon now. Essential!

LINK TO RUSHHOUR.NL (with audiosamples)

maandag 9 september 2013

2013.12.13 - Bordello A Parigi @ Doka, Amsterdam

De Dupe is hosting another Bordello A Parigi event at Doka Amsterdam, on the 13th of December! Another night full of tenderness and lots of sexuality, a must-go for the Italo-heads!

Visit the Facebook event over here and attend: 

woensdag 4 september 2013

Episode #026 - The Boy With The Broken Record

The 26th episode in the deathmetaldisco series is one hell of a mix by Rens Mors, better known as The Boy With The Broken Record. As a DJ, he's known for his own hypnotic take on minimal house and techno. This time, he serves us an eclectic potpourri in real deathmetal-fashion.

As a promoter, Mors is known as the founder of the Bauhaus organization. Residing in Amsterdam, they've made quite a name for themselves in relatively short time. Combining remarkable locations with headstrong lineups, every event they host has a unique experience on it's own. They also don't shy away from granting their artists marathon sessions and those are definetly strong factors that made them a name to be reckoned with along the legal and illegal music circuit of the Netherlands.

For now, we hope you enjoy this strong mix of grand gesture and don't forget to check out the websites below!

Bauhaus Klangfabrik on Soundcloud
Bauhaus on Facebook
The Boy With The Broken Record on Facebook