maandag 28 oktober 2013

Antoni Maiovvi - Tapehoarder EP

Craig Bratley's outstanding Magic Feet imprint has been widely known for it's own impressive take on the type of slower-paced dance music championed by artists like Andrew Weatherall and Felix Dickinson these days. Although it has been mosty leaning on the balearic side of the so-called 'nu-disco' genre, the Tapehoarder EP by Antoni Maiovvi probably marks a new era for the label's output.

The first thing that comes to mind is the very uplifting, housey feeling of the opening track, relying heavily on 808 & 909 percussion and claps, makes the track easily classifiable as a peak-time track. It's almost techno, very unusual for the label, but definetly a monster!
Scott Fraser has been on an amazing producing frenzy this year and we are starting to wonder if this guy is even capable of doing wrong. Finding his name on a piece of wax is already worth spending the money on and he delivers the remix on the opening track, taking the track to even further heights with his brutal, phat, trademark sound.

The B-side opens with Maiovvi's very interesting take on minimal techno. Not the kind of over-produced minimal techno that is dominating the clubs these days, but the proper kind hailing from the mid-90's. Combining hypnotising bass with carefully placed synth washes on the higher frequencies and really deep vocals to top things off, makes this a great tool for a very wide range of DJ sets. It's also a great resting point for the EP, as Maiovvi is going full-on again while closing the four-tracker with a really deep and cosmic banger. We have always tried to pick a winner from the releases that we present, but in this case we couldn't. Simply essential!

Magic Feet is releasing 300 copies of the Tapehoarder EP on black 12" inch vinyl through All Ears Distribution on November 4th . Be sure to set your reminders on this one! Samples below.

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)