woensdag 24 september 2014

Episode #059 - Albert X

It doesn't happen really often, that we consider a guest mix by a DJ or producer who's taste and style are heavily informed by modern deephouse and minimal techno. But for people like Albert X, we always like to make an exception.

dinsdag 2 september 2014

Episode #058 - NGLY

We are extremely honored to present to you our next guest mix by NGLY. The NGLY project is based somewhere in the northern parts of Berlin and has caused quite a stir in the underground community with it’s recent releases on CCCP and the ever-amazing L.I.E.S. recordings. It’s DIY, dynamic and leftfield approach to techno and house music and it’s distinctive sound immediately caught our attention as soon as we heard it- and have received lots of support from some of the greatest DJ’s around (like Mick Wills, I-F, and Lee Douglas, just to name a few).

Earlier this year, we got in contact with the man behind the NGLY project and offered him to do a guest mix for deathmetaldiscoclub to showcase some of the influences that have shaped the sound of NGLY. He thought the time was right to reveal a tiny bit of his own universe and the things where he is coming from- and since we offered him one hundred percent artistic freedom, it turned out to be an offer he couldn’t refuse.