vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Legowelt - Vaporware Tracks Vol. 1

Well, there you have it. 2015 hasn't even properly started yet but Legowelt is already rolling out his first solo release. With a bunch of Legowelt remixes, internet movies and a Order of the ShadowWolf cyberzine still needed to digest, the mighty Danny Wolfers from The Hague shows absolutely no signs of stopping yet. There have already been rumours of another possible Nacho Patrol album but ofcourse he wouldn't be Danny if he could not work on multiple projects at one time. This is one of the most hard-working electronic musicians we are talking about right here and it's good to see that he will return to the Creme Organization once again for his freshest 12" inch release.

Vaporware Tracks Vol. 1 will consist of four all-new and exclusive four-to-the-floor Legowelt tracks that are absolutely no exception to the producers overall sound. With 'Norwegian Crack Dealer' and 'Southwest British Airlines' on the A-side he adds two stunningly beautiful and colourful tracks to his amazing output. Hazy, trippy and hypnotic are the right words for these. But while the A-side clearly contains that unmistakable trademark Legowelt sound, it's actually the other side of the vinyl that delivers the ones for us.
'Satierian Moon Breeze' starts off with this completely steady and insane drum rhythm. It's sound is punchy and thunderous and extremely stimulating. Ofcourse lots of lush pads and saw wave arpeggio's are layered on top of it so that it successfully leads you to that other dimension. 'The Sea Is So Silent' takes you even further to a world that has a very futuristic and oriental feel to it. It builds even further upon that classic Legowelt palette and closes the release in a way that only Wolfers can do. It probably is our most favourite track from the single and certainly one of those instant Legowelt classics. With such a fine release coming up we can only hope that a volume 2 release will see the light of the day in a very near-future.

Creme Organization will release Vaporware Tracks Vol. 1 through Clone Distribution on black 12" inch vinyl somewhere in early February and can already be pre-ordered through the all-new Wichelroede web-shop that is now officially the place for Creme Organization releases. We are not sure about how many copies there will exist but if you are a true self-respecting space-age techno head you have already ordered your own physical copy.

LINK TO WICHELROEDE.NET (with audio samples)

woensdag 14 januari 2015

Episode #070 - Andreas Gehm

Germany's greatest acid house prodigy Andreas Gehm AKA Elec Pt. 1 delivered an exclusive live set for deathmetaldiscoclub representing the true and absolute spirit of techno music and promoting his new imprint called Cologne Underground Recordings.

Not for the faint hearted!

dinsdag 6 januari 2015

Episode #069 - Andreu A. Nonimo

A new year a new mix. We have the amazing Andreu A. Nonimo from Tiana, Spain delivering this exclusive vinyl-only dj mix full of deep, dark and thought provoking slo-mo electro. Happy new year friends!