maandag 25 maart 2013

Harvey is coming to Amsterdam!

For those who are in and around Amsterdam, DJ Harvey is visiting Trouw for his fourth performance at the infamous Amsterdam venue on Sunday, May 26th!

The famous mastodon-DJ will play an all-nighter, spreading the gospel once again through his Bozak mixer and into the amazing Funktion One soundsystem that the concrete venue holds.

Last year Harvey had two outstanding runs, one for Trouw's summer closing event and one back-to-back session with Andrew Weatherall for the Resident Advisor VS gigs at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Visitors of these events know what to expect and that the coming event is an instant must-go.

If you have never heard about DJ Harvey, here is what Trouw residents have to say about the living legend:

For tickets and event info, go to:

dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Episode #007 - Flemming Dalum

"Captain Dalum reporting for duty!" Yes it's true. The owner of the most notorious disco collection on earth immediately agreed to do a mix for DeathMetalDiscoClub once we asked him. His mixes for TheNewWorck, Moustache, Panama Racing, Magic Waves, Roller Disco and Mothball get played regularly down here at the office and, once again, he managed to suprise us with something completely different. Let Flemming Dalum take you on this amazing interstellair trip,it doesn't get much more cosmic than this!

Try to keep an eye on this guy from Århus, Denmark. He has got a wonderful remix coming out in a few weeks on Flight Recorder which he included. He is without a doubt one of the most passionate dj/producers when it comes to Italo Disco and everything he is related to is instant gold. Thank you, Flemming!

A lot of people asked us if the mix will be downloadable soon, so we decided to upload the mix as a free avalaible download! Download Flemming's outstanding mix right here!

woensdag 13 maart 2013

Episode #006 - De Eindbaas

Something danceable this week. It's EINDBAAS!

Eindbaas is one of the co-founders of the original DeathMetalDiscoClub. He's played numerous events in Amsterdam and it's surrounding city's for years now. One of Eindbaas' trade features is prioritizing the track selection in favour to the mix. Whether it's jazz, deephouse, hip-hop or oscure little disco tracks, this guy is all about serving the good shit.
For this episode of DeathMetalDiscoClub he's been digging through his crates for some of his most soulful deephouse tracks. We hope you like it, we definetly do!