woensdag 13 november 2013

Episode #033 - De Pin Up Club

This week's guest is Josef van Galen as De Pin Up Club. A very talented sound designer and as down-to-earth as one can be. Josef has been DJ'ing for quite some time now. He used to be a lot into breakdance, early hiphop and electro back in the days when he lived in Delft. He also used to throw his own parties at places like Paard van Troje.
These days he focuses a lot on producing. He's based in Amsterdam right now and is currently manufacturing tracks under the name of De Pin Up Club. The name was taken from an old Dutch television show from the 80's, which was all about music video's and half-naked women running around like headless chicken. He's really got a sound that is pretty hard to categorize. It's disco, it's boogie, it's everything danceable with a really fresh touch of his own. His productions are super-crisp and he's got an amazing ear for great melody's and hooks and stimulating basslines. And the same can be said of his DJ sets.
He delivered an eclectic selection of tunes for this episode, with a nod to his earliest influences, combining them with his current taste in electronic music, while staying true to the sound of his most recent output as an artist himself. Things don't get much more deathmetaldiscoclub than this, and we're really, really sure that you guys are going to appreciate this episode.

He recently released his first EP called 'Go Funk Yourself' on Discobox Records from Mexico. His tracks are doing really well right now and we know that there's a lot more material he is working on at the moment. It's a bit too early to inform you about this right now, but things are going to get very exciting for him in 2014. More on that later.
For now, we wish you a pleasant time with this exclusive one-hour mix by De Pin Up Club and don't forget to visit the links below, this is one guy you should keep your eyes on! ENJOY!!!

De Pin Up Club on Facebook
De Pin Up Club on Soundcloud
'Go Funk Yourself' EP on Beatport.com