woensdag 30 oktober 2013

Episode #031 - KMTR

We are really happy to have Konstantin Timoshenko on the show this week. Konstantin is orginally from Kazachstan, which was part of the Soviet Union until it's fall in 1991 and currently resides in Sofia, the capitol city of Bulgaria.
He is known for his really tight edits that he shares under the name of KMTR, covering a very wide range of genres. From New Wave to Schlager, from Disco to Synth Pop, this man has an open heart when it comes to music and he's always more than happy to share his finds with others. It was by accident that we stumbled upon one of his amazing classic disco edits and we have been playing most of his treasures ever since.
We couldn't help but pay him our respects in return, by inviting him for a guest mix and spreading the word about his wonderful projects.

Next to running the KMTR project, Konstantin also runs a online blog called Flea Music Paradise, or maybe better known as FMP. He posts all his interesting flea market finds over there and we seriously advise you to visit his blog every now and then, because he is sharing really nice tracks over there on a regular base.
Ofcourse he is also a regular dj in the Bulgarian scene, persuading crowds with his very unique, exotic taste in electronic music.
We are really happy to announce that Konstantin is releasing one of his KMTR edits through the Amsterdam-based label Kidnap Recordings which will be out as a digital file on December the 3rd, through Juno and Itunes etc. He included this crazy track of his in the mix, and it looks like he will be playing some records over here too, we will definetly announce that as soon as we know more about that!

The mix he did for deathmetaldiscoclub is a very fine business card of the sounds that he is all about and we couldn't be more happier with the result. Do yourselves a favor and  check out some of the link below, it is absolutely worth it.
For now, we instruct you to play this one really loud, it is an absolute honor to host such a danceable mix that has this rare kind of quality to it. This is food for the body, this is food for the soul. This is the sound of Konstantin Timoshenko!!!

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