maandag 16 september 2013

VA - Red Laser Records 003

Manchester's Red Laser Records has been making quite a name over the last period of time. Besides hosting their headstrong events in the UK, the italo disco/electro label is going to launch it's third EP pretty soon.
The 4-tracker EP opens up with the Flemming Dalum & Il Bosco collaboration called 'Manctalo'. The track has been making quite a  furore on the web lately and it's great to learn that it finally gets pressed on wax now. Second track on the A-side is another epic space ride from Kid Machine. Big percussive sounds and fantastic sound design on this one.
The B-side opens with a new track by Starion, who's also included in the other two EP's from the label's main samplers. The Night Flanger track fits in really well again with this EP and is said to be the soundtrack of a futuristic film about a pimpin' robot. We feel you, Starion!
Last track by Il Bosco is probably the weird kid on the block. It's not exactly italo/electro like the other tracks, but it's one hell of a futuristisc electro boogie jam. Funky stuff, indeed! The whole EP consists of tracks that we will definetly play for a long, long time and that's what makes this release an essential one.

Red Laser Records will release Red Laser 003 somewhere around the 26th of September through Clone Distribution. It's pressed on red vinyl and comes with the typical 80's Red Laser Artwork. Limited to 300 pieces and no digitals, so make sure you set a reminder on this one. Samples below!

LINK TO CLONE.NL (with audiosamples)