woensdag 27 februari 2013

Episode #005 - Viktor Palmer

Our fifth guest is Viktor Palmer, who sent us a really versatile, thought-provoking mix for our series. Containing tracks from labels like Blackest Ever Black, Sähkö and Minimal Wave, we probably said enough. He was kind enough to include us the story behind the mix (scroll down below).
Viktor Palmer, based in Amsterdam, is known for his dubby, melancholic, rhythmic and minimalistic techno sets at Trouw. Dropping a lot of obscure and hard-to-find records, we instantly recognized him as a real crate digger. Playing events like Imprint and LET at the infamous Amsterdam venue gave him a lot of exposure and while doing so, certainly left an expression on us. We're pleased to have him on the show and we hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

DeathMetalDiscoClub #005 in Viktor's own words:

"In the past i made a few non-techno mixes like this one. The idea was simple:
compile and mix an hour of music which sounded as claustrophobic and
unpleasant as possible. Soundscapes, almost no straight beats or vocals and
above all: nothing really danceable.

When Death Metal Disco Club asked me to make a podcast where I could do
whatever music I liked, I thought: ‘Let’s bake a cake from that old recipe!’ (well
not really but you know what I mean). So I finished one and it didn’t feel right. It
felt like copying myself, working ‘in the box’, routine-like.

Then I knew I had to do something else. Since I’ve been listening more new
wave/cold wave and synth pop than before, I wanted to combine those sounds
with the more conceptual, non-danceable stuff. Marcel Dettmann did something
like it for Oki-Ni. Check it out, the mix is called ‘Seduction’ and it’s awesome. So
i ditched the mix I made and started with a complete new one, minus the last

First I wanted to use the most strange, bizarre and hard-to-find new wave I could
find, but that didn’t feel right either. After all, non-danceble tracks on the mix are
from Raime, Mika Vainio and Brian Eno, pretty well-known for people who listen
to that kind of music anyway. So I used ‘hits’ from Tropic of Cancer, Suicide, Pas
de Deux and In Aeternam Vale. Music from the Sandwell District Radio mix 2,
Silent Servant mixes and from the Minimal Wave Tape compilations. Maybe not
common for a lot of people, but no ultra-rare, limited edition, 40-euro-on-discogs
stuff if you know what I mean.

I am aware of the fact that the mix is still very conceptual, especially in the
beginning and the end. But I tried to make a balance between music for your
head and your feet. But even if you don’t like the conceptual parts (or the non-
conceptual parts), I hope you enjoy the podcast as a (semi-) coherent piece of
music. Or even better, discover a certain track you love and start searching the
internet or your recordstore for more music like it. If that’s the case, I hope you
let me know. Thanks for reading this really long description too." 

- Viktor Palmer

woensdag 13 februari 2013

Episode #004 - Jean Pierre Enfant

Our fourth episode is brought to you by Jean Pierre Enfant. He's known as the founder and resident of Les Enfants Terribles (LET), who hold a bimonthly residency at Trouw Amsterdam. LET has served us some of the greatest line-ups of 2012, inviting some our favourite artists like DJ Sprinkles, Levon Vincent and the mighty Surgeon. Jean Pierre has earned the status of musical connoisseur in the Amsterdam Underground in relatively short time. But also on an international level, playing records in renowned clubs like Katerholzig and Tresor. He plays a very wide range of house and techno, enabling him to adapt his sound to every kind of crowd and club with ease. In this episode, we get to have a peek in his own world. Where these skills and the mind behind it come from. Enjoy!