vrijdag 19 juli 2013

Episode #021 - De Dupe

Our next guest is Otto Kraanen, better known as De Dupe, also known as the mastermind behind Bordello A Parigi (BAP), a Dutch label that we are really, really fond of. Through BAP, Otto has released some very interesting Italo/Synth Pop. He's been running the label since 2011 and they've just released their tenth anniversary single, a release by Mark Du Mosch and Marlijn van de Kerkhof. Arguably it's best single yet and as a package, a charming addition to the already stunning visual style of Bordello.
As a DJ, De Dupe is known as one of the more applauded DJ's to be found along the Dutch westcoast in recent years. Whenever this guy pops up behind the decks, you're in for a treat. You never know what he's packed his bags with and we'd strongly advise you to visit one of his gigs anytime soon.. Whether it's Italo, funk, electro, house, synth pop or US Freestyle, this man sports an exquisite and exotic taste in music. A great addition to the newer generation of promising Dutch acts.
Bordello A Parigi will release it's next three singles in September 2013, one by Heinrich Dressel, one by Marc Fruttero ft. Polymnia and they also have a Italo reissue coming out in conjuction with the great Moustache Records. Keep your eyes on that.

As a DJ, De Dupe will be playing gigs along the westcoast this summer and will be doing a mini-tour through Europe in September. Info on Bordello A Parigi and dates for De Dupe sets can be found on the links below. Enjoy!!!


For now, we hope you enjoy this exclusive eclectic mix for Deathmetaldiscoclub!