woensdag 6 november 2013

Episode #032 - Melon

We are really honored to have another artist from our home turf again, Deathmetaldiscoclub is proud to present the sound of Jeroen Hofer aka Melon! Melon has been really active as a house DJ over the last decades, this guy truly is one of the finest ambassadors when it comes to the soulful sounds from the Dutch Westcoast..
He's played Cielo, he's played the Cookies Club. He has played the Panorama Bar and practically every renowned club worldwide and currently holds a residency at the infamous Trouw with his Ratio? evenings.

His Ratio? events started somewhere around 2006/2007, and he's hosted a succesful series of Ratio? evenings at the now defunct, but legendary Club 11. As the events stood the test of time, Trouw was a logical choice for it's 2nd run of events, introducing and inviting a lot of international acts like Doc Martin, Willie Graff, Soul Clap, Henrik Schwarz and Nicolaas Jaar.
It's success would eventually ignite him to release his own records through his own imprint, but also as Je Dàvu on labels like Bangbang! and Platzhirsch Schallplatten. Although it was a little bit quiet on the production side due to family extension, he did just release another single during the ADE called 'I'm Back' on Raw Meat, and the two-tracker is a total house/disco banger, definetly worth checking out!
Click here for Soundcloud link

We are also really happy to announce that Melon has some new cuts coming up in a near-future. First of all, he'll be releasing two remixes, one on Nuno Dos Santos' SoHaSo label, and one for an upcoming Eric D. Clark project for Hotel Shanghai.
He's also got an EP coming up on San Proper's already amazing Proper's Cult label and one on Tom Trago's Voyage Direct. Both to be distributed by Rush Hour. He also revealed that there are new Melon cuts in line for future Ratio? releases, so there's reason enough to keep an eye on this man.

For the Deathmetaldiscoclub series, he decided to deliver an exclusive early house mix. It's the perfect retrospective in celebration to 25 years of house music in Holland. He included a short message with his submission stating: 'Although some of these tracks were produced more than 25 years ago, I still find myself playing these tracks in clubs worldwide. No matter how hard people are trying to change the rules in house music nowadays, there's some kind of formula in these tracks that are essential to house music.'

With the closing of Trouw in mind (the temporary club is closing at the end of 2014), Melon promised us that he will be working on a big series of Ratio? events, to celebrate the existence of it's current base. We were really happy to find out that he's bringing one of our favourites over to Trouw for it's next event November 22nd, Eric Duncan!! This New York city-original is releasing a huge batch of monster jams right now, and we cannot even imagine what kind of dream team this will be. Definetly a must-go!

For event information, go to: www.facebook.com/events/427595990680399/
For now, enjoy these sounds from Melon and don't forget to check out the links below!

Ratio? on Soundcloud
Melon on Facebook
Melon's Official Website