woensdag 27 november 2013

Episode #035 - Convert

This week's guest is Convert. A forward-thinking techno DJ/producer who is surrounded by clouds of mystery. The artist involved asked us explicitly to keep his profile as anonymous it can get, so we will have to keep this as low-profile as possible for now.

We do want you to know that he has been sending us some of his tracks in the last couple of weeks and we can only tell you how SUPER-excited we are about the sounds that he delivers. Testing his tracks really fills our eyes with tears of joy! So we definetly advise you to start following him on Soundcloud or Facebook, because we really want you guys to find out, once he's ready to reveal the things he's working on.

This guest mix is a great experimental ride between the colliding worlds of techno and electro. We could try to formulate the feelings that this episode evokes, but words would do unjust. So we decided to keep this description as short as we should and advise you to pick up a good pair of headphones and surrender yourself to this deep, but wonderful universe. Enjoy!

Convert on Soundcloud
Convert on Facebook