woensdag 31 juli 2013

Episode #022 - Martin Duvall

Next guest for the Deathmetaldiscoclub podcast is Martin Duvall! Maybe better known as Martin C de Waal, Martin is one of the most prolific multi-disciplinary artists based in Amsterdam. Over the years he has produced an amazing body of work, which he exposes on international grounds. He likes to hold a mirror in front of it's viewers and society and has gained global praise for his confronting, visual work.
Beyond his art through video and photography, Martin is an important figure in the Amsterdam nightlife. Not only as a VJ and DJ, but also as a promoter. Martin is a very dedicated person when it comes to Italo Disco and has been pushing the Italo anthems on his audience throughout his infamous Disco Total and Italo Elite events (which he hosts with Tom Trago, Lupe and San Proper).
Sadly, Disco Total lost it's home base in Club Up earlier this year, but it grants Martin a whole lot of time to concentrate on his visual art. For now, we'd like to see this podcast as a hommage to it's phenomenal legacy.

As an artist, Martin is represented by Torch gallery at the Lauriergracht in Amsterdam and is exposing his current works over there until August 17th. We also want you to know that he has some fresh audio tracks that he is working on and was kind enough to premiere the Topless ft. Martin Duvall - Allnight track in this mix.

For more on Martin visit: http://www.mcdewaal.com/ or http://www.torchgallery.com/

Enjoy this week's episode!