vrijdag 26 april 2013

Episode #011 - Antal

We've got something very different again this week. This week's guest is Antal, who kindly gave us this non-exclusive African Cut-Up mix. In this mix, Antal presents some of his most favourite African records, playing 55 tracks in one hour. Vinyl-only ofcourse.

Most people know Antal as the founder of Rush Hour, the Amsterdam-based record store and label, which als handles it's own distribution. Since 1999 Rush Hour has been releasing records in all kinds of directions. Releasing both local artists and international artists. But also re-releasing works from artists like Daniel Wang, Gene Hunt and Rick Wilhite. Merging the future with the past in the process. At Rush Hour, every release is a winner. Whether it's a re-issue or an original release, you know beforehand that there's an hallmark connected to it, which Resident Advisor coined 'The Rush Hour Flavour'.

Some of the artists who have released on Rush Hour are: San Proper, Carl Craig, Aardvarck, Virgo Four, Tom Trago, Âme, Xosar and Kenny Larkin.
But you should definetly check out their discographies, because this list goes on and on.

Antal will be playing next to Virgo Four and Elbee Bad at Rush Hour @ Klinch, Melkweg Amsterdam on the 17th of May 2013. Ofcourse you'll find him on some of the major summer festivals too, including Pitch and Sonar 2013.

In the mean time, enjoy this mix and if you'd like to more know about Antal and Rush Hour:


donderdag 18 april 2013

Episode #010 - Mick Finesse

The tenth episode of DeathMetalDiscoClub is an all-killer, no-filler techno mix done by none other than Stephen Penders from Denver, Colorado! Under his Mick Finesse moniker, Steve has been releasing some of the most interesting techno cuts in 2012. His Tunnel Vision EP on Alistair Wells' Perc Trax has enjoyed major support from some of the biggest names on the scene and at the beginning of this year, he released the succesful follow-up with his conceptual 'The Disaster Began During a System Test' EP, again on Perc Trax.
While having found a perfect homebase in the london label, he also released the Spatial Anxiety EP on Broken20 and found the time to start his own label called 22, which just released it's first EP by himself, including three original track and remixes from Soramimi and Perc himself. 2013 shows no sign of stopping Steve, who will be releasing another EP on Prostethic Pressings and his second remix for Emote. Gig-wise, Steve can be found on most of the Perc Trax showcases, one of which will be part of DEMF 2013, on May 24.

We hope you enjoy his mix as much as we do and if you'd like to know more about Mick Finesse, you can follow him through: www.facebook.com/mickfinesse !

DeathMetalDiscoClub #010 - Mick Finesse by Deathmetaldiscoclub on Mixcloud

dinsdag 9 april 2013

Episode #009 - San Proper

This week we've got Dr. Proper spreading the gospel!! The Rush Hour stalwart has become arguably one of the most exciting acts to hail from Amsterdam in the last few years. One of Perlon's youngest and brightest stars, San Proper is all about 21st century Rock n' Roll. He's been known for his wild and eclectic performances, attracting any given audiences within minutes. His colourful character just breathes pure passion, which adds a lot to his act. He is a true ambassador.
After releasing lots of diverse singles on labels like Studio Soulrock, Dekmantel, M>O>S, and Ratio?, the funk-devotee finally returned to Rush Hour last year, releasing his first full-length on his home base, entitled Animal.
He's been making some of the most adventurous cuts on the market and you can definetly feel that San just does what he wants. He's all about the groove and you'd have to admit that he sounds really, really honest. His touring schedule is getting crazier by the day, taking him to some of the most renowned clubs worldwide, sporting everything danceable. Whether he plays disco, house, afrobeat or full-on proper techno, make sure you catch him when he's in town, cause one thing is for sure: when Proper is playing out you know he'll be delivering the winners! This time he does it in true deathmetaldisco-fashion. Enjoy!!!

If you'd like to know more about San Proper, follow him on Facebook.

zaterdag 6 april 2013

Episode #008 - Svart1

This week we have Raimondo Gaviano on the show, better known as Svart1. He has been releasing a lot of ambient/abstract, minimal music on labels like Kaos Ex Machina, Valve Sinistre, Skulline and Hypermodern. Not to forget Industrial-Culture, where he just released his newest effort in the form of his Satanische Helden longplayer. Something you should definetly check out if you like music that covers deeper grounds and understandings!
Once we asked him for a DeathMetalDiscoClub podcast, he was not sure if he could do this, but managed to create a really great mix. Combining some really challenging tracks with fantastic techno in a way you probably haven't heard before. Although not really a DJ, this effort proves that this is something he really should pick up on.

Raimondo is also working on audiovisual projects and probably much more. If you'd like to keep an eye on this guy, follow him through his Facebook page: