woensdag 29 mei 2013

Episode #015 - Valentino

This week we have Valentino behind the decks! As a DJ, Valentino has been gradually building a name for himself over the last couple of years. In 2008 he started his Tell Your Taxidriver club night. A succesful night, as it got him a weekly residency at the Ersteliga club in Munich.
He caught the attention of Gomma, a German label and art collective, working there as an employee and also becoming a Gomma resident, playing gigs with them on both national and international grounds and releasing regular podcasts for the label.

Last year, Valentino started the Tambien project together with his musical partners, Marvin and Bartellow. After releasing a highly succesful first EP, Marvin and Valentino decided to start a label/record shop called Public Possession, which opened in the spring of 2013 and they are about to release their next single on the label. We are pretty sure there's a big future ahead of these guys, so keep an eye on Valentino and Public Possession. This time he made a selection from the Organic Section at Public Possession. Enjoy this sick, sick mix!!

You can find more about Valentino, Tambien and Public Possession through:


woensdag 22 mei 2013

Episode #014 - Mark Maenad

This week's guest is Mark Maenad, a name that people from Amsterdam probably already know. For over three years now, Mark has been part of the Electro-duo Black Oysters. The Black Oysters have been merging all kinds of different styles into one wild and destructive live-setup, destroying dancefloors all over the Netherlands, leaving people in awe.
In the beginning of 2012, Mark got bitten by the techno bug and decided to follow a career of his own, diving deep into the world of techno production. As a DJ, he has been gradually making a name for himself in the Amsterdam scene, earning a residency for our friends from BAUHAUS. He is known for his relentless, bombastic sound, but did things quite different this time, slowing things down and working towards a more harmonic/melodic mix.

Mark Maenad will be playing at the BAUHAUS/DMDC event on May 31st, unleashing his usual brand of techno at the BAUHAUS stage.


Deathmetaldiscoclub #014 - Mark Maenad by Deathmetaldiscoclub on Mixcloud

woensdag 15 mei 2013

Episode #013 - Reza Athar

This week's guest is Reza Athar from Nijmegen. A name most of you probably haven't heard of. But Reza is without a doubt one of the most serious talents in Holland to be reckoned with. His mixes for TheNewWorck already caught our attention once, but this mix is just insane. In this spacious and balearic mix he reaches out to cosmic heights, on a level that few DJ's from the Netherlands understand. We are very certain that there are great things to come for this guy and this is why we asked him to contribute. We couldn't be any happier with the result!

Reza will be playing next to Prins Thomas, Gerd Janson and Mugwump on the upcoming Horizon event, amongst others. You can find the event through: www.facebook.com/events/241592685980639

We really hope that you like this weeks episode as much as we do! Thanks again, Reza!

Deathmetaldiscoclub #013 - Reza Athar by Deathmetaldiscoclub on Mixcloud

woensdag 8 mei 2013

Episode #012 - DJ Kaos

DJ Kaos (Jolly Jams) Asia tour mix April 2013

We've got DJ Kaos on the decks this week. He's from Berlin and Kaos is a name that refers to his graffiti days. Since the early 00's, DJ Kaos has been spreading a wide variety of disco, house and techno all over the world, having released very succesful EP's for Clone and DFA, but also on important labels like Studio !K7 and Astro Lab Recordings. Amongst releasing a vast body of work, DJ Kaos also found the time to launch his very own imprint in 2010, called Jolly Jams. Jolly Jams has been all about, steady, groovin' house cuts. Often flirting with disco or deep house. The label's been a home to Kaos himself, as well as producers like Split Secs, Tiago and Richard from Milwaukee. The latter just released his new 12" inch through Jolly Jams called Free Love. Including two amazing remixes by Fernando Pulichino and the great Eric Duncan.

The mix has been recorded on the 3rd of April 2013, at the Haze Club in Beijing. There are a few edits, but the flow is amazing, nonetheless.

If you'd like to know more about Jolly Jams and DJ Kaos visit:

And if you'd like to see DJ Kaos play, this is his touring schedule in May.

Thu, May 2 - Peech Fuzz with DJ Kaos @ Club Berlin, Chicago, IL
Sun, May 5 - Kaviar Sunday Club @ New Yor, NY
Wed, May 8 - Push Push @ Barsmith, Phoenix, AZ
Thu, May 9 - We Are Monsters @ Monarch, San Francisco, CA
Fri, May 10 - Social Normal Music @ Baja, CA
Sat, May 11 - Rawness Warehouse @ Tecate, Mexico
Fri, May 17 - Animal Club @ Los Angeles, CA
Sun, 19 May - Innovation Weekend @ Palomar Hotel, CA
Sun, 26 May - Discovery @ The Horse & Groom, London, UK