woensdag 26 juni 2013

VA - Introspective

Ever since ø (phase)'s Mass EP from 2007, we have been keeping a steady eye on Token, the Belgian techno label which was formed by Kr!z. In the ever-growing swamp of over-produced and unimaginative techno, Token and it's producers have always stayed true to their own identity. Their sound is both forward-thinking and nostalgic, techno at it's purest, while reminding you of it's better days.

With people like Inigo Kennedy, ø, Go Hiyama and Xhin on board, you probably know what you're gonna get. But still, with every release you don't know exactly what you're gonna get. The label has it's trancey-side, reminiscing the earlier days of Warp and stuff, while having a really brutal side too..Where most tracks clock in at a 130BPM minimum. The way we like it.
Now, Kr!z has released a DJ mix on CD, called Introspective. It consists of 21 tracks, representing the best of the versatile Token sound. Proving that the label sounds more vital then ever, while showcasing his amazing DJ skills in the process.

Introspective has been released on the 17th of June and we highly suggest that you pick up on this if you haven't been introduced to the label or it's artists yet. This is already the stuff of legends! This is one of those labels that will determain the future sound of techno. No doubt about that.