maandag 25 november 2013

Episode #034 - Kid Machine

This week's mix has been made by one of the most badass detainees from the intergalactic space prison. Deathmetaldiscoclub is very proud to present to you this exclusive mix by Mark Wilkinson aka Kid Machine!

Mark has been producing in the 90's under the guise of Maruko, which was originally a house music project. He released the first Maruko release on his own label called Deluded Records in 2001. He also used to DJ under that name for years, but decided in 2006 that he wanted to venture into other ends of electronic music. He's focused on music production ever since.
Since 2007, Mark has been experimenting with various forms of electro/disco in his home studio, based in Wythenshawe, Manchester UK. He got a lot of inspiration from science-fiction and space-influenced music and realized that this was only the beginning of a new era for him, the Kid Machine was born. He released his first Kid Machine EP in 2009 on Sounds of the Suburbs, called Velours 77.
2012 proved to be an essential year for Mark. His Replicants EP on I-F's Viewlexx Records was a major hit in the Italo-Disco/Electro scene, and the vinyl has been a much sought-after product since the day of it's release. His tracks and demo's have been widely exposed to people all over the world through Flemming Dalum's legendary disco mixes and the Replicants EP and Flemming Dalum's support have triggered lots of labels showing interest in his work ever since. He's had big, epic releases on Flight Recorder and Red Laser Recordings from then on and we are really much looking forward to his debut album.
The Kid Machine debut album is called 'First Contact' and will be out on a double 12" inch release through Cyber Dance, somewhere early 2014. He's also got a follow-up to the highly succesful 'Space Consortium vol. 1' on Flight Recorder that he is working on right now and we are delighted to learn that Flemming Dalum and Casionova will be involved too again. He's got a whole bunch of killer tracks that he's working on besides that, deathmetaldiscoclub had the honor of test-driving some of his newest cuts, and we are super-excited about his newest works, consisting of a new kid machine sound, besides the classic one. So expect even more announcements from this man in the near-future.

For this mix, he delivered an epic journey through the Kid Machine universe, consisting of both original work and tracks by others. We couldn't be any more happier with the submission we got and we know you guys will absolutely dig this.
For now, fasten your seatbelts, close down your eyes, and enjoy this amazing 34rth episode of Deathmetaldiscoclub and don't forget to check out the links on Kid Machine we included below! Have a nice trip friends!

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