dinsdag 10 december 2013

The Clover - Processes

The Clover is an awesome electronic project from Italy, consisting of Antonio Pecori, Stefano Meucci and Andrea Giachetti. This wonderful trio of musicians first appeared under our radar through San Proper, who included the amazing 'Voices' collaboration in his deathmetaldisco-mix earlier this year. We were really happy to find a promotional package in our mailbox last week, which included their upcoming debut album on Bosconi Records called "Processes".

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to The Clover, is the live-feel of this band's music. There's a certain playfulness to their take on electronic music that really stands out. It really feels like all their tracks are polished live jams, and you can totally hear that they explored all the possibilities before arranging their tracks into their final form. Processes is no exception from that. This album is probably the freshest album in house music we have heard this year. Combining a free-jazz attitude with proper synth psychedelia has resulted in an amazing collection of tracks which are really hard to compare to eachother. Both in attitude and mood.
Though some tracks are not for everyone, we can definetly imagine a handful of DJ's right away who are able to work these tracks into their sets. Some of them are really deep and experimental like "The Black Hole" or "Break 4 Luck" (again with San Proper), while tracks like "The Gash" or "Phoenix" are definetly danceable. Subtly triggering lots of impulses with their experimental sides and the carefully programmed beats and bass. There's a lot of detail in the combination of the two, which adds a lot of human element in them. Ofcourse we can only applaud to the adventurous side that this record contains. It's really complex, but it's records like these that will continuously start to grow on you after every rotation and that will be hailed upon in years to come for their timeless quality.

Bosconi is going to release "Processes" on December 15th, with 10 tracks on the CD format and there's a digital release planned for December 21st, which has three exclusive tracks that come with it. Essential record for the hardcore psychonauts. Samples below!

LINK TO JUNODOWNLOAD.COM (with audiosamples)