woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Episode #030 - Disko Selectors

We are really happy to welcome the Disko Selectors to the DMDC podcast for our 30th episode this week. The Disko Selectors are Roi Canda and Javi Deeman from Valladolid, Spain and they've certainly proved themselves as a forced to be reckoned with in the last couple of years. They have been editing and remixing a big batch of tracks this year, which we have been testing with loads of pleasure in the last few months. Their sound is really hard to pinpoint actually, every track has it's very own feeling and, as they state themselves, are a crossover between Nu-disco, deephouse, cosmic sounds, acid, Italo and sometimes balearic disco/house even. They've also done some great mixes in the past for wonderful series like Radio Cómeme, Interstellar Tracks and Electrique.
They host a admirable podcast series too, called the Series Disko! and have hosted an amazing batch of mixes from DMDC-favourites like De Dupe, Flemming Dalum, Svelt and mixes by their own ofcourse. They've just opened their third season for the series and already had a great run so far with mixes by Timothy J. Fairplay, Club Bizarre and Kalidasa.

The Disko Selectors have been releasing some tracks, on labels like Bust A Dub, Mister Mistery and Coquette, and they show no sign of stopping them in the near future, as they have been producing a LOT this year. They have new material coming up on labels like Emerald & Doreen, Hot Elephant and Logical Records, and we are happy to announce that they have their first original track coming up on Bordello A Parigi over the next few months. It is part of a new compilation series for the label called Riviera Disco and the Disko Selectors will be joined by three different artists for the first round of the series. We can't give you any more info on that right now, but it looks like the release will hit the stores somewhere around january.

For the Deathmetaldiscoclub podcast, they decided to do things a little bit different than they are used to. This is their hommage to the golden era of casette, white labels and the DIY-approach from the electronic 80's. These mixes can get a bit difficult for audiences in general, but Roi and Javi have done an amazing job on this, preserving a fine balance between the tracks without getting to arty farty about it. We've never lost attention to this amazing 2,5 hour ride. Loads of classics and re-issued tracks on this one, but also lots of forgotten gems that we've probably never heard if it wasn't for the Disko Selectors.

Check out the links below for more on Disko Selectors and the Series Disko! and a big shout out to Roi and Javi for this fine delivery. It is an absolute delight to host this
badass mix. ENJOY FRIENDS!!!!

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http://www.facebook.com/diskoselectorsofficial on Facebook
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