woensdag 11 september 2013

Episode #027 - Jules de la Courgette

Next in line for the Deathmetaldisco series is Jules Timmers, AKA Jules de la Courgette. As a DJ Jules is quite a regularin the Amsterdam scene. He's played practically every venue in the capitol city and also plays a lot of back-to-back sessions with like-minded colleagues of him. He's quite a character and quickly made a name for himself with his funky, soulful eclecticism. He is a DJ's DJ. From disco to techno, from soul or hip hop to pitched up drum and bass... Whatever the gig, this guy is your man. He is a real cratedigger and this mix is a perfect example of his selecting skills.

Between travelling from gig to gig, Jules has found himself some time to produce beats. Together with his buddy Abel Minnee he started producing recently under the Fred Ricus monniker and their fresh Soundcloud page presents some amazing stuff already. Definetly something to watch!

As a DJ himself, you just have to check out Jules de la Courgette. He'll play Doka Amsterdam together with Elias Mazian on September 11th.
He's also playing Toren Overhoeks together with former DMDC-guest Eindbaas on September 20th, they've played together like a hundred times before and they're just a brilliant pair.

Don't forget to check out the related links below and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy this crazy 2,5 hour mix. This is all about having a party. This is Jules de la Courgette!!