dinsdag 10 september 2013

VA - Musik For Autobahns Sampler

Amsterdam's Rush Hour has released the Musik For Autobahns album earlier this year, a compilation that was compiled by Gerd Janson which had popular and less popular acts showcasing their "more contemporary" personalities. Now, they are about to release a sampler dedicated to that release.
The sampler contains five tracks from artists like Acoustic High-End Research, Osborne and Suzanna Kraft. Although not exclusive tracks (they were all included in the comp.), they do feel like the best tracks in retrospect.

In our honest oppinion, the sampler is nothing more than a 'best of' of the compilation, but it's a great release for those who don't want to spend their money on the full release. And to be truthful, Young Marco's 'In The Wind' still feels as mesmerizing as it did before! It is most definetly a great weapon to the ones who like to ride the more edgier sides of electronic music.

'Musik for Autobahns' will be released by Rush Hour somewhere in the month September on black 12" inch vinyl. An exact release dat hasn't been announced but it should be out anytime soon now. Essential!

LINK TO RUSHHOUR.NL (with audiosamples)