dinsdag 1 april 2014

Nick Mackrory ft. Harry Collier

After the success of the 'Tatooine Moons' release last month, Forgotten Corner records already returns with it's third physical single containing the 'Lucky Charms' track by Forgotten Corner artist Nick Mackrory.
The track has been played for some time now, by artists like Joe's Bakery and Nancy Noise, so it might be familiar to some people. It's vocals by Harry Collier are instantly recognizable and are interwoven with some wonderfull, clever bass patterns on top of it. It has an amazing live feeling and bursts out in an epic synth jam, full of rich textures.

Realizing the vocals just might not be for everyone, the label included a 'forgotten dub' version of the track. A clever move, as it has been championed by many great DJ's in the Balearic fields, but also beyond. Some of you might remember this one from Disko Selector's exclusive deathmetaldiscoclub mix, it also received attention by guys like Craig Bratley and some of you dutchies probably heard Rogér play this one too. It has every potential to become a instant hit and we are very happy to see this finally hit the record stores on wax.

Forgotten Corner is releasing the 'Lucky Charms EP' around April 1st, so this should be out by now. Keep track on this through your favourite stores as it will be a limited to 300 copy's.
It comes in hand screen printed inserts on heavy vinyl. Link below!

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)