woensdag 26 maart 2014

Episode #046 - Ele Mikelø

We are really happy to welcome Ele Mikelø from Zafra, Spain to the family. We first got to know him through his amazing DJ sets for his Series Disko! mix, run by our good friends from the Disko Selectors. Ele can easily be heralded as one of Spain's most promising DJ acts to operate in the national Balearic scene. In most cases, people think of 'chill-out' when they hear the term Balearic, but the genre cannot be informed as an actual genre. It's a way of blending and doing things. And Ele is a great ambassador for presenting this, often playing that typical kind of slow-burning music with a dark and cosmic overtone.

This was the main reason for inviting him and we are extremely happy with the result. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ele Mikelø. Enjoy!

Ele Mikelø on Soundcloud