dinsdag 4 februari 2014

Flight Recorder Special

Flight Recorder from Newcastle UK is a label that has been featured a lot on our blog and our guest mixes as well. A special with a strong focus on the label was inevitable, so eventually we reached out to Mick (Iron Blu), the label owner himself, for an exclusive mix and some information about the direction of the enigmatic imprint.

Flight Recorder had some seriously succesful releases in the past. It's original output has been supported by all kinds of selectors worldwide- from Jennifer Cardini and the Mutant Disco Radio Show, to Axis DJ's like Sean Johnston and Intergalactic FM associates like I-F, Casionova and Flemming Dalum, it's slow-driven proper space-age electronica have proved to be multifunctional in all kinds of directions. Since we have covered a lot of them in the past, we are going to focus on what will be coming your way in the coming months.

We were delighted to learn that the amazing Alessandro Parisi is next in line for the wax series. The Minimal Rome artist will be teaming up with Adamennon for two collaborative tracks and both have delivered one solo track. Mick assured us that this will be a great addition to the stalwart sound of the Italian producers.
We also received some hints about the follow-up to Space Consortium, the amazing electro package that came out last year. We are truly happy to reveal that Kid Machine and Casionova are both coming back on volume 2 and that Flemming Dalum will be doing remix duties once again. What's even better, they even have a volume 3 they are working on with the same line-up! The three volumes will eventually form a complete package in the colors of the Italian flag, making it essential collectors items.

We learnt that Mick has teamed up with James Todd (formerly of Global Underground) as well, who are officially co-running Flight Recorder together now. They even gave us a slight hint about some plans for a side-label, so that´s a great promise for Flight Recorder going full-on in the coming year since it´s a two-man spaceship now!

Last but not least, Mick promised us that Emile Strunz´s follow-up to his North Sea Body Music release is in the works and is currently on top of the priority list, so that is something we are very excited about too. To complement that news, Emile has delivered another exclusive mix for deathmetaldiscoclub as well, which will be out on February 14th, so that makes this another 2-part special!

If you aren't familiar with their current discography yet, you probably want to visit the label's Bandcamp. There's plenty of magic in there that will get you going. If you are, check out the deathmetaldiscomix Mick did. It's full of forthcoming Flight Recorder and unreleased works by friends and associates. If you are following this blog, you are definetly going to like this!

It looks like the Parisi record will be out somewhere around May, but we´d advise you to start following all the links down below, because you absolutely don´t want to miss out on the pre-orders. Enjoy.

Flight Recorder on Bandcamp.com
Flight Recorder on Discogs.com
Flight Recorder on Facebook.com