vrijdag 14 februari 2014

Episode #043 - Emile Strunz

Part two of the Flight Recorder special was made by a returning guest. Last year, Emile Strunz submitted an epic, dark, electronic body music mix that certainly left an impression on a lot of people. This time Emile decided to submit something that was completely the opposite.
The main theme of this mix is love. He mixes some of the typical classics with a lot of obscure choices and it is completely dedicated to February the 14th: Valentine's Day. He even wrote a short essay about it in his very own cynical way (you can find that in the Soundcloud mix info, link below).

Let Dr. Strunz take you on a emotional ride full of passion, lust and obsession. This is Dr. Strunz's official 'Mysteries of Love' mix. Enjoy!