dinsdag 28 januari 2014

VA - Prologue Portefeuille 3

The German techno label Prologue has been releasing quality music since their very first release. Focusing on quality rather than on hit potential, they always make us eagerly anticipate every release. Coming up is the third ep in their Prologue Portefeuille series, showcasing three new names from the label’s impressive roster.
The opening track is by Etapp Kyle, an Ukrainian producer/dj who focuses on a somewhat subdued form of techno in ‘Lotos’. The track has an eerie feeling to it, caused by the ambient sounds surrounding the beats, that seem to be held back a bit. An undertow of brooding sensuality gives ‘Lotos’ a sense of mystery that is hard to get away from.

The follow-up track on the A side is ‘Ionization’ by Mod 21, an Italian producer who so far is cloaked in mystery, although this monster of a track might soon propel him to the fore of the techno scene. A modular and ever increasing pulsating throb is steering this track forward till the end, by which time the listener has no idea anymore where he or she is coming from or going to.

The closing track (side B) is probably the strangest one on this ep. Artefakt, a Dutch duo consisting of Robin Koek and Nick Lapien, seem to cater to both ends of the techno spectrum in ‘Twilit’. The bass ne the one hand and an extremely dry snare on the other start closing in on each other and slowly end up filling another up, resulting in quite a funky track. Albeit a funk that is drenched in hypnotism, one of Prologue’s trademarks. A Class A release!

Prologue is releasing the EP on vinyl on the 3rd of February 2014 through Word and Sound distribution and will be available digitally on the 17th of February 2014.