dinsdag 14 januari 2014

Antoni Maiovvi - Monoceroticism EP

Flight Recorder, the enigmatic label from Newcastle, returns in full force this month with the release of a new monster ep by none other than Antoni Maiovvi. The British producer is the founder of the Giallo Disco label, with which he aims to deliver 'horror disco' to the world. According to the label itself, horror disco is "an amalgamated genre taking influence from Progressive Synth, Disco, Italo, Electro, EBM, New Beat, House, Techno and the Film Soundtracks of the 70s and 80s." In other words: far fucking out.

Maiovvi's latest effort on Flight Recorder is called 'Monoceroticism' -an ep comprised of four tracks in which he showcases a musical journey through time and the multiverse. Maiovvi kicks off this 4-tracker with an euphoric track called 'Cold Confession'. It remains unclear what exactly is being confessed, but it sure seems to result in exultation and the feeling of being reborn in a smile. What follows is 'The King of Trash'. This track is a weirded out mixture between minimal elektro and chilled out disco and puts us in the most relaxed waiting room right before we take off with the next track. 'Black Flowers' sounds a bit more menacing, as if it urges the listener to move beyond the mundane, to look further. The traveling begins here earnestly and is taken to the next step in closing track 'The Unspeakable Void'. This song sounds as if ghouls are dancing in an interstellar wormhole, functioning as a bridge between our universe and other galaxies. Gregorian chanting performed by alien life forms -Maiovvi here shows to be a master of horror disco indeed.

Flight Recorder is has released the Monoceroticism EP on the 13th of January 2014 through dnp-music on 12" inch black vinyl and is limited to a 250 pieces.

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)