dinsdag 4 juni 2013

Cyber Dance Special

Our first special will have a strong focus on Cyber Dance Records. Cyber Dance is an electro-disco label from the UK, founded by Ali Renault, Spruxx and Casionova. Their sound can be described as futuristic, synth-electro, with a hint of 80's italo. They had their first release in 2005 and gradually gained a loyal following ever since.
They've had major succes with releases from the likes of Andy Romano, Mark Du Mosch, Electrick Dragon, it's founders, amongst others on various compilations.. And are about to release their fourteenth release, a split single by Heinrich Dressel & Ali Renault as his Cestrian moniker, which can be pre-ordered through Juno and various record shops by now.

We have two mixes this week, one by Ali Renault and one by Casionova, both showcasing the different sides and influences of Cyber Dance.

We hope you enjoy this special as much as we do and if you can't get enough of these sounds you should check out Magic Waves Radio too! Magic Waves is also the birth child of Ali & Casionova and they are having it's own live radio show every sunday evening, hosted by the great Intergalactic FM, on IFM1 from 7pm - 11pm GMT.

You can tune in through: The Intergalactic FM Portal: https://intergalactic.fm/