vrijdag 26 april 2013

Episode #011 - Antal

We've got something very different again this week. This week's guest is Antal, who kindly gave us this non-exclusive African Cut-Up mix. In this mix, Antal presents some of his most favourite African records, playing 55 tracks in one hour. Vinyl-only ofcourse.

Most people know Antal as the founder of Rush Hour, the Amsterdam-based record store and label, which als handles it's own distribution. Since 1999 Rush Hour has been releasing records in all kinds of directions. Releasing both local artists and international artists. But also re-releasing works from artists like Daniel Wang, Gene Hunt and Rick Wilhite. Merging the future with the past in the process. At Rush Hour, every release is a winner. Whether it's a re-issue or an original release, you know beforehand that there's an hallmark connected to it, which Resident Advisor coined 'The Rush Hour Flavour'.

Some of the artists who have released on Rush Hour are: San Proper, Carl Craig, Aardvarck, Virgo Four, Tom Trago, Âme, Xosar and Kenny Larkin.
But you should definetly check out their discographies, because this list goes on and on.

Antal will be playing next to Virgo Four and Elbee Bad at Rush Hour @ Klinch, Melkweg Amsterdam on the 17th of May 2013. Ofcourse you'll find him on some of the major summer festivals too, including Pitch and Sonar 2013.

In the mean time, enjoy this mix and if you'd like to more know about Antal and Rush Hour: