dinsdag 9 april 2013

Episode #009 - San Proper

This week we've got Dr. Proper spreading the gospel!! The Rush Hour stalwart has become arguably one of the most exciting acts to hail from Amsterdam in the last few years. One of Perlon's youngest and brightest stars, San Proper is all about 21st century Rock n' Roll. He's been known for his wild and eclectic performances, attracting any given audiences within minutes. His colourful character just breathes pure passion, which adds a lot to his act. He is a true ambassador.
After releasing lots of diverse singles on labels like Studio Soulrock, Dekmantel, M>O>S, and Ratio?, the funk-devotee finally returned to Rush Hour last year, releasing his first full-length on his home base, entitled Animal.
He's been making some of the most adventurous cuts on the market and you can definetly feel that San just does what he wants. He's all about the groove and you'd have to admit that he sounds really, really honest. His touring schedule is getting crazier by the day, taking him to some of the most renowned clubs worldwide, sporting everything danceable. Whether he plays disco, house, afrobeat or full-on proper techno, make sure you catch him when he's in town, cause one thing is for sure: when Proper is playing out you know he'll be delivering the winners! This time he does it in true deathmetaldisco-fashion. Enjoy!!!

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