woensdag 2 juli 2014

Episode #053 - Discotto

Darker vibes from the garden pool, we've got Discotto from London, UK in the mix! Discotto has been spreading his renegade soundwaves on the mighty Intergalactic FM for well over a year now. Whether it's soul, downtempo, italo or techno, this guy knows how to build a proper mix and his eclectic selections are always an absolute delight.
Discotto can be heard live mostly on saturday's, on IFM 5 - the Garden. And if you can't wait to hear more of his after this rocking session, there's plenty of storage mixes on his IFM playlist or directly from his Soundcloud page below. There's a lot of new music in there for you to discover, so we definetly advise you to check them out. For now, enjoy!!