donderdag 5 juni 2014

Yør - Lack Of Beeing EP

DJ TLR's Creme Organization returns with a whole batch of new releases after the very succesful 'Innershades remix package'. First up, is this very destructive release by the mysterious Yør, who is, according to the press sheet, a Hamburgian Art School prodigy.

The 'Lack of Beeing' title track opens up with haunting pads that will go on for 5 minutes or so, before it's first bassdrum will kick in. Grainy percussion is layered on top of it's merciless 909 kick, that unveil it's filthy nature straight from the first kick and an amazing overdriven bassline takes that filth even way further. This track clocks in at almost 15 minutes, but it's full of balance, with Legowelt-like pads and harsh, distorted claps and enough variation in the composition to hold a crowd's attention, this will be a personal favourite of us for years to come.

The next two tracks continue very much in the same approach, with crazy, filtered and distorted basslines on 'Unbennant' and filthy, low-pass filtered pads on 'Torn'. While both tracks are absolutely mint, it is a bit of a shame that such genius has to suffer in length due to the limited runtime of the vinyl (they both end around the 3-minute mark).
It's closing track 'Apophis' however, is in a class of his own. It's housey/jackin' vibe is a very big contrast to the rude, indecent and muscular techno tracks that run before it. Such contrasts are always a bit risky on a 4-track compilation, but this track is very much welcome after the horrifying madness and we're sure this pumpin' slo-mo jam will find it's way into lots of DJ bags in the coming months.

The 'Lack of Beeing' EP will be released on June 9th, through the Godspill mailorder and we are sure it will find it's way into your favourite record shop not long after that. Pre-order now, cause this one's a winner!

LINK TO GODSPILL.NET (with audiosamples)