woensdag 15 mei 2013

Episode #013 - Reza Athar

This week's guest is Reza Athar from Nijmegen. A name most of you probably haven't heard of. But Reza is without a doubt one of the most serious talents in Holland to be reckoned with. His mixes for TheNewWorck already caught our attention once, but this mix is just insane. In this spacious and balearic mix he reaches out to cosmic heights, on a level that few DJ's from the Netherlands understand. We are very certain that there are great things to come for this guy and this is why we asked him to contribute. We couldn't be any happier with the result!

Reza will be playing next to Prins Thomas, Gerd Janson and Mugwump on the upcoming Horizon event, amongst others. You can find the event through: www.facebook.com/events/241592685980639

We really hope that you like this weeks episode as much as we do! Thanks again, Reza!

Deathmetaldiscoclub #013 - Reza Athar by Deathmetaldiscoclub on Mixcloud