woensdag 13 februari 2013

Episode #004 - Jean Pierre Enfant

Our fourth episode is brought to you by Jean Pierre Enfant. He's known as the founder and resident of Les Enfants Terribles (LET), who hold a bimonthly residency at Trouw Amsterdam. LET has served us some of the greatest line-ups of 2012, inviting some our favourite artists like DJ Sprinkles, Levon Vincent and the mighty Surgeon. Jean Pierre has earned the status of musical connoisseur in the Amsterdam Underground in relatively short time. But also on an international level, playing records in renowned clubs like Katerholzig and Tresor. He plays a very wide range of house and techno, enabling him to adapt his sound to every kind of crowd and club with ease. In this episode, we get to have a peek in his own world. Where these skills and the mind behind it come from. Enjoy!